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Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear 


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Short Description

12 hour protection against leaks & odors
Holds up to 8 cups
Locks away wetness in seconds
Discreet, slim fit
Sensitive-skin approved

About Carewell Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear

Carewell Slim and Soft Incontinence Underwear is a unisex, pull on style absorbent underwear made to manage moderate to heavy urinary incontinence symptoms. A slim, non-bulking core design and soft elastic band make this underwear ideal for a discreet and quiet fit under clothing.

The 3-channel absorbent core captures liquids in seconds, quickly drawing wetness away from the body. Advanced odor control technology keeps you smelling fresh for up to 12 hours. And, the gentle pH neutralizing lining helps reduce the risk of rash or irritation. This underwear is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Discreet fit and quiet material give you a boost of confidence
  • Unisex design built to offer protection where you need it most
  • Absorbent core distributes wetness evenly, preventing a bulky, heavy feel
  • pH neutralizing lining protects sensitive skin against rash or irritation

Who should use this product?

This absorbent underwear is designed for anyone experiencing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence symptoms and wants a discreet and quiet fit under clothing.

How do you use or apply this product?

Unfold a fresh pair and step into each leg hole one at a time. Pull up the underwear until it rests comfortably around the waist.

Gender Unisex
Type Pull on
Fit Slim, Non-Bulky
Available Sizes S/M to XXL
Available Colors White
Absorbency Level Moderate to Heavy
Made For Urinary Incontinence
Capacity Up to 4 Cups
Duration of Protection Up to 12 Hours
Latex No Latex
Side seams Tear-away, No bunch
pH Neutralizing Yes
Common Irritants: Parabens, fragrance, chlorine, lotion No
Recycled Material 30% Recycled Packaging
Country of Origin United States
Leak & odor protection for up to 12 hours
Wetness, leaks, and odors are top concerns when finding the right incontinence products. Our underwear includes a core absorption channel that distributes fluids and locks them in to keep you leak free, day or night.
Product Image
Extra soft & comfortable to wear
The underwear’s fabric is soft and breathable with flat side seams, helping ensure that the underwear doesn’t show through clothes or dig into skin.
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How to know this underwear is right for you
  • You’re able to put on and pull off underwear on your own
  • You need heavy absorbency to manage urinary incontinence
  • You’re looking for a 12 hour or overnight solution
  • A slim, discreet style that fits well under clothing
  • Soft & sensitive-skin friendly
  • You want a product free of added parabens, fragrance, chlorine, and lotion.
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Carewell’s VP of Product Development
“We heard from many customers that they wanted incontinence underwear that offered protection against their heaviest symptoms, but that wasn’t bulky, itchy or uncomfortable. So we made it. We’re really proud and excited about this new product.”