Urinary Supplies

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About Urinary Supplies

Urinary supplies like catheters, stabilization devices, urinary relief medication, and more can provide you or your loved ones with relief from urinary problems. Our urinary solutions are comfortable, convenient, and could be just what you or your loved one needs for their incontinence concerns.

What’s a catheter?

Urinary catheters are either inserted into or placed around genitalia in order to collect urine. Whether you’re immobilized, recovering from surgery or just don’t like bedpans, catheters provide a simple urinary solution that you can use from the comfort of your bed. If you’ve had bladder surgery, urinary incontinence, or an illness like dementia, a catheter may be the urinary solution you need.

At Carewell, we primarily sell external catheters, also known as condom catheters. Unlike internal catheters, external catheters are non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort. External catheters are worn over the penis, and work best for men who experience urinary incontinence. Catching urine without the need for a pull-up or diaper with tabs, external catheters allow your loved one to enjoy a full night’s sleep, without having to get up and run the bathroom.

How do I choose the correct size catheter?

Because external catheters wrap around the penis, rather than being inserted into the urethra, a snug fit is key to avoiding leaks. External catheters are sized in millimeters (noted in product descriptions as “mm”). The size catheter you choose should match the size of the penis that will be inside the catheter. Keep in mind that a snug fit is what’s most important, so choose the smallest comfortable size.

I find catheters uncomfortable

Catheters are a great choice for men experiencing urinary incontinence, however some men find them uncomfortable. We offer other incontinence supplies like pull-ups, men’s guards, and diapers with tabs that provide a gentler, more comfortable solution for daily or nighttime incontinence. Not sure which products are right for you or your loved one? Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666 and our dedicated, friendly Care Team can help.