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About Booster Pads

Booster pads, also called “doublers” or “inserts” are a pad worn inside an existing incontinence product, like a pull-up or diaper with tabs. They’re designed to extend the life of your products, so you can save time and money. They work by adding an extra layer of padding, then allowing liquid to pass from the pad through the diaper, once the pad is filled to capacity.

Booster pads are a great solution for anyone looking for a little extra leakage protection, overnight coverage, or just a simple, easily removable solution. 

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When should I use a booster pad?

Booster pads are perfect for quick changes or adding an extra layer of absorbency, if you’re worried about leaks. Many caregivers love them for overnight use, if they’re not finding enough leakage protection with traditional products.  If you’re traveling, it may be useful to add booster pads to incontinence products so that you can just pull out and throw away the pad (instead of changing the entire pull-up or tab-style diaper).

It is very important that you not try to wear a booster pad like a traditional pad. They are only for use inside of a pull-up or diaper with tabs. They have no plastic backing, meaning that wetness would pass directly through the pad onto your clothing or furniture. 

How do I choose a size?

A booster pad should always be the same size or smaller than the product it’s going to be worn inside of. Booster pads must fit inside the leak guards, or else incontinence will leak out of the diaper or pull-up. Always wear the pad in the core of the tab-style diaper or pull-up.

I’m still confused

Deciding which incontinence products are right for you can be tricky if it’s the first time you’re doing it. If you’re confused, our friendly Care Team is always happy to help you. Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666.

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