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About Medicine & Treatments

Stock up on all the medicine and treatments you need to keep your family happy and healthy! Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet ensures your family always has everything they need to feel their best. Not sure what belongs in your medicine cabinet? Common medicines you’ll want to keep on hand include pain relievers, cold and flu medication, and digestion and nausea medicines, so be sure you have at least these. As you build out your medicine cabinet, consider adding extra products like skin and rash creams, foot care supplies, and more.

Be sure to stock up on supplies for your unique family’s needs. Babies or children? Stock up on children’s versions of medicine. Caring for an older adult? Nutrition supplies are critical for healthy aging, and skincare products like no-rinse washes can help with mobility concerns.

Do I need cold and flu medicine?

Keep cold and flu medicine on hand so your loved ones can get back to normal! Cold and flu medicine targets specific symptoms so you and your loved ones can start to feel like yourselves again. When you wake up aching, coughing, and sneezing, our cold and flu medicines are here to help.

Do I need digestion and nausea medicine?

If your family is facing heartburn, upset stomach, constipation, or other digestion-related problems, we have the medicines to get them back on their feet. Laxatives like oral medications, suppositories, and enemas help you beat constipation, while antacids combat heartburn before it starts.  Stock your medicine cabinet with the digestion and nausea products your family needs to bounce back.

Do I need first aid products?

Be prepared for everything life throws at you with our first aid supplies like bandages, peroxide, cold packs, and more. We offer everything you need so that your family is protected, no matter if you’re dealing with a minor cut or long-term caregiving concerns.