Gauze Sponges

About Sponges

Keeping your loved ones clean is a number one priority, and sponges are the perfect way to clean delicate skin. Enjoy soft, gentle cleansing when you use a sponge to scrub away dirt and impurities. Specially designed to soak up and distribute body wash and soaps, sponges offer a thorough cleaning experience. Pair your sponge with one of our body washes for an all-over  refreshing cleanse.

What sponge is right for me?

There are many kinds of sponges for many kinds of needs. For those that struggle with mobility, sponges with handles can help you scrub the hard to reach places, so you can stay independent. With long, flexible handles, our sponges easily reach to lower back and extremities.

Using sponges for cleaning? You may prefer a sponge with a hard bristle side for deep scrubbing -- and don’t forget to pick up your dish detergent!

How do I take care of a bath sponge?

Since sponges encounter water and dirt everyday, they require extra care. Each time you use a sponge, you’ll want to rinse it thoroughly and hang it up to dry, so it stays fresh and clean. Even if you’re washing out your sponges, though, you’ll still want to replace them at least every three or four weeks.

What other products do you have to help with bathing?

At Carewell, we want offer everything you need to make your life easier. That’s why we offer tons of bathroom and bathing supplies to make your experience stress-free. Loved ones that struggle with mobility will find relief in our mobility supplies, like bath and shower benches. Have a loved one that struggles to get to a tub? We offer personal care products like no-rinse body washes so they can stay warm and comfortable while you wash them.

Need extra help? Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666, and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.