Best Way to Choose Youth Pull-

Up Diapers

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Nov 13th 2020

As a parent or guardian, you’re looking for the best possible product for your loved ones. That’s why we offer the very best youth pull-ups, designed for your unique needs. Comfortable, breathable, and with a focus on skin health, our youth pull-ups are as convenient as they are effective.

Whether you’re potty training, protecting against nighttime accidents, or need more long-term support, we have the products you need.

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What are youth pull-up diapers?

Youth pull-ups are absorbent underwear that look like real underwear. With an absorbent core and stretchy waistband, these slide up the legs and hug the body. Youth pull-ups sometimes feature more youthful designs, like cartoon characters.

Who should use youth pull-up diapers?

Youth pull-ups are great for:

  • Little ones who are still potty training and need training pants
  • Sleep pants for children who struggle to hold their bladder at night
  • Older children and teenagers with developmental disorders that cause incontinence
  • Small adults looking for a tighter fit

Who shouldn't use them?

Youth pull-ups are not a good fit for:

  • Adults weighing more than 125 pounds or with waist sizes larger than 34 inches - consider adult pull-ups instead
  • Immobile children and teenagers, or those who are bedridden
  • Children and teenagers with heavy incontinence needs

How do they work?

Youth pull-ups work because the core is filled with polymers, tiny absorbent beads that soak up moisture and turn it into a gel.

To put youth pull-ups on, just have the wearer step into the leg holes and slide them up the leg, just like regular underwear.

When you’re ready to take the pull-up off, just tear away each of the side panels, pull the pull-up off the wearer’s body, and throw it away.

What features exist?

Tear-away sides

Most of our youth pull-ups feature tear-away sides, which are easy-tear seams that run along each side of the pull-up. These are great if you’re looking for a simple way to remove the pull-up, so the wearer doesn’t have to take off their pants.

Leg guards

Leg guards are also called “leg cuffs” or “leg gathers,” and are strips of fabric that run along the leg holes of pull-ups and keep incontinence inside.

Bowel incontinence protection

All of our pull-ups work well for urinary incontinence, but some of our heavy-duty options also offer protection from bowel incontinence.

Cloth-like backing material

Cloth-like backing material means the pull-up is soft, comfortable, and breathable, leading to better skin health. Plus, cloth is quiet, so you don’t have to worry about any crinkling sound when your loved one moves around.

Odor guard

Some of our youth pull-ups have “odor guards.” These have a pH balancing factor that neutralizes the ammonia in urine so that it doesn’t smell.

Back / front indicators

Some of our pull-ups feature colorful indicators that help your loved ones know which side of the pull-up is the front and which is the back - this is especially helpful for little ones putting pull-ups on themselves for the first time.

Hypoallergenic fabrics

Some of our pull-ups feature hypoallergenic and skin smart ingredients like chamomile and vitamin E.

How do I choose?

  1. Decide which features you want to prioritize. For little ones that are potty training, you’ll probably want easy tear-away sides and back indicators. For loved ones with low mobility, you may need bowel incontinence protection and odor guards
  2. Decide which absorbency is best for your needs.
  3. Figure out what size your loved one is. While some youth pull-ups are measured by weight, most are found by measuring waist and hip size in inches, then using the larger of the two numbers to reference our sizing guides.
  4. Need more help? Call us at 855-855-1666 and our friendly Care Team can answer all your questions.

Carewell's recommendations

Our customers love youth pull-ups from brands like PrevailCutiesCovidien, and Comfees.

For children, we recommend:

Sleepovers Youth Underwear Pull-Ups

Whether your loved one is potty training, wetting the bed, or just needs a little extra protection, these youth pull-ups can help. With odor-guards, breathable materials, and leak guards, these have all the features you need to keep your loved ones dry and comfortable.

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For teenagers, we recommend:

These pull-ups are absorbent, comfortable, and well-loved by our caregivers. They feature odor guards, Skin Smart fabric packed with chamomile and vitamin E, and are ultra-breathable. Plus, these pull-ups also come in adult sizes, so you won’t have to transition your loved one into a new product when they grow out of them.

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Brittany's pro-tips

If your loved one is outgrowing their youth pull-ups, don’t be afraid to graduate to adult pull-ups. Our selection offers all the features you love, plus they fit waist sizes of up to 80 inches, so you’ll always have the sizes you need.

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