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Sleepovers Youth Underwear Pull-Ups

  • Sleepovers by cuties
  • Cuties sleepovers
  • Sleepovers youth pants
  • Sleepovers by Cuties feature smooth soft sides for a trim and comfortable fit
  • Each disposable pair looks and feels like regular underwear
  • Ultra-absorbent core locks away wetness to help prevent leaks and help keep skin dry
  • These unisex sleepovers youth pants feel soft on skin thanks to a hypoallergenic inner liner made with aloe, natural botanicals, and vitamin E
  • Fitting children and young adults from 38 pounds all the way to 140, these are an ideal solution for children with incontinence concerns (no need to switch products as they grow, just sizes!)
  • Available in three sizes, S-M, L-XL, and XL, to suit child weights from 38-140 pounds.

Sleepovers Youth Underwear Pull-Ups By Cuties

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About Cuties Sleepovers Youth Underwear

SleepOvers® by Cuties provide overnight leakage protection for girls and boys who experience prolonged bed wetting or general urinary incontinence. Children and parents can feel confident at bedtime knowing that Cuties Sleepovers are ultra absorbent and discreet. An ultra-absorbent core locks away moisture, while hypoallergenic lining made with aloe, natural botanicals and vitamin E keeps skin smooth and soft. Get the look and feel of real underwear and the protection your child needs at night with Sleepover by Cuties.

Cuties Sleepovers Youth Pants Key Benefits:

  1. Soft, smooth side panels for a secure, discreet underwear-like fit
  2. Gentle, hypoallergenic liner with aloe, vitamin E, and natural botanicals
  3. Tagless back label for extra comfort
  4. Sleepovers Youth Pants are available in a range of sizes from S-M (36-85 pounds) L-XL (60-125pounds) to XL (85-140 pounds).
  5. Dual leg cuffs provide additional protection, channeling liquid into the absorbent core

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider using SleepOvers Youth Underwear?

Children and teenagers between 38 and 140 pounds who experience bed wetting or urinary incontinence and need leakage protection at night. Older toddlers that are potty training or have trouble holding their bladder at night may also consider using Cuties Sleepover. Additionally, small adults looking for a tighter fit of incontinence product may also consider trying this style of overnight underwear. The hypoallergenic lining can also make it a great choice for those with delicate or sensitive skin.

What are Sleepovers by Cuties’ capacity?

Sleepovers by Cuties are an overnight pull-up capable of holding multiple full voids. Comfortable and soft, these are also ideal for daytime use for children and young teens with heavy incontinence.

How do I use Cuties Sleepovers Youth Pants?

Cuties Sleepovers are for nighttime use and can be worn by children, teens, and small adults ranging in size from 38 to 140 pounds. This style of disposable underwear is to be worn like regular underwear at night. Once its capacity is reached, the used pair should be disposed of and replaced with a fresh pair.

What is the age range for Cuties Sleepovers?

Sleepovers by Cuties can fit bigger toddler through small adults. Instead of going by an age range, take a look at the size and weight offerings: S-M (36-85 pounds) L-XL (60-125pounds) to XL (85-140 pounds).

Absorbency Heavy Absorbency
Backing Material Cloth-Like Backing
Gender Unisex
Leg Style Elastic Gathers
Style Pull On with Tear Away Seams
Topsheet Material Cloth-Like Topsheet
Incontinence Type Urine and Bowel
Type Overnight
Usage Disposable
User Youth
Latex Free Indicator Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Choosing the correct incontinence product size is not like choosing a clothing size. You’ll need to measure both waist and hip size, and then use the larger of the two numbers when referencing a sizing guide.

Weight in Pounds 46-65 lbs 65-125 lbs 85-140 lbs
Pack Quantity 15 Diapers 12 Diapers 22 Diapers
Case Quantity 60 Diapers (4 Packs) 48 Diapers (4 Packs) 88 Diapers (4 Packs)
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