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Traveling with Bowel Incontinence

Posted by Declan Davey on Thu Feb 11 2021
No question — traveling with bowel incontinence is inconvenient. Still, with the right preparation and packing strategies in place, you can cut down on a lot of unnecessary stress. Read More

8 Diet Tips to Help Manage an Overactive Bladder

Posted by Carewell Staff on Tue Sep 29 2020
Living with an overactive bladder doesn’t have to hold you back. With the right strategy, which includes knowing which foods and drinks to add or remove from your diet, you can manage your symptoms and enjoy a completely normal, active life. In fact, you may even feel better than before with the added energy boost you get from our healthy (and yummy) recommendations!Read More

Arthritis & Exercise: Relief Through Resilience

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Sep 16 2020
Regular exercise can reverse this downward slide of arthritis. The muscles will become stronger, the tendons will become more limber, and the pain and stiffness should start to fade. Most people begin to notice improvements within six weeks, and some may even feel better almost immediately. Read our tips to learn how. Read More

Smooth as Silk: Skincare Tips to Keep Immobile Adults Rash and Infection-Free

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Mar 01 2021
If you care for someone who’s immobilized, it’s important to regularly monitor and protect their skin. Prolonged periods of sitting or lying down increase the risk of bed sores and irritation, which if left untreated, can lead to skin, blood, or bone infections. Read More

60-Second Read: 5 Bathing Products for Bedridden Loved Ones

Posted by Carewell Staff on Mon Oct 26 2020
No way to get your loved one to a shower or bath? No worries. From no-rinse wash to shampoo caps, we’ve put together a handy list of water-free options for cleansing bedridden loved ones. Read on for our favorite ways to ensure clean, fresh skin in any environment.Read More

7 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon May 10 2021
It isn’t easy to talk about, but caregiver burnout is a real problem. A 2020 survey conducted by the National Caregiving Alliance and AARP Public Policy Institute found that 40% of caregivers feel emotionally stressed and another 20% feel physically strained.Read More

Two older men play chess.

Socializing for Seniors: How To Make Friends When You Are Older

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Jul 20 2021
Wondering how to make friends when you are older? Many of your peers can relate. A 2019 study conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Evite found that 45% of adults consider it difficult to make new friends. Read More

Combating Incontinence with Kegels

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Sep 16 2021
Urinary and bowel incontinence can strike at any time, even if you’re in relatively good health. Fortunately, combating incontinence with Kegels is possible.Read More

6 Easy At-Home Exercises for 2021: Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Dec 30 2020
You may not be able to turn back the clock and recapture your youth, but you can improve balance and prevent falls with easy at-home exercises. Setting aside 20-30 minutes each day to build muscle and improve coordination can help you stay mobile for years to come. Here are 6 easy at-home exercises to try during in 2021. Read More

Swimming Your Way to Self-Care

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Mon Nov 02 2020
Swimming is gentle but challenging. It calms your mind, but also tones your body. It gives your heart a great workout, but won’t stress your joints. If it’s been a while, dip a toe in the water – you might just decide to take the plunge and commit to a new exercise routine.Read More

Caregiving Basics: Preventing Falls and Fractures

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Sep 23 2020
Most breaks occur in the hip, spine, or wrist, and about twenty percent of older people who suffer breaks fail to regain the independence they had before the injury. It’s not too late to protect yourself or your loved one. Even if you have thin bones or have already suffered at least one fracture, you can take a few simple steps to prevent future breaks. Read More

Straight From the Nurse's Mouth: 7 Ways to Avoid Heart Disease

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Tue Oct 06 2020
The biggest common denominators among people with healthy hearts are eating low-fat diets, refraining from smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and drinking alcohol in moderation. These practices are so effective, in fact, that they were found to reduce the risk of heart attack and heart-related death by five times. Whatever your job, age, gender, or lifestyle, these 7 tips can help you build a healthier heart starting today.Read More

Crowded House: When Parents Become Roommates

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Oct 14 2020
Seattle mental health counselor Wendy Lustbader says an adult child often takes in a parent to return in good measure the care the parent bestowed on them. But such a big move isn’t for everyone, and there are several factors you should consider when making the decision:Read More

Hygiene, Health, and Incontinence

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Oct 14 2020
Living with incontinence can be inconvenient and even embarrassing at times, but it’s important to talk openly about how it affects our health. Even the tiniest of accidents can result in urine becoming trapped against the skin, which can lead to a host of other problems, including irritation and infection. Here are Carewell’s top six tips for staying healthy and comfortable. Read More

Four Steps to Self-Care During the Pandemic

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Wed Dec 02 2020

What are Renal Shakes?

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed May 19 2021

Image of a woman looking past the camera.

Caregiver Anger and Resentment: How to Identify It and Put It to an End

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Jul 07 2021
Do you find yourself struggling with caregiver anger and resentment? These emotions are uncomfortable to deal with, but you aren’t the only one experiencing them.Read More

How to Manage Incontinence in the Workplace Like a Boss

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Dec 02 2020
Dealing with an overactive bladder is never fun, but when you’re in the workplace, managing “gotta go now” moments—not to mention the use of incontinence aids ranging from adult diapers to booster pads—can be especially frustrating. Whether you’re constantly fighting the urge to run to the restroom or worried about an episode on a Zoom call, the following tips will help you take control of your bladder rather than letting your bladder control you. Read More