Health worker and man in home.

Does Medicare Cover In-Home Care?

Posted by Nate Birt on Tue May 16 2023

As a caregiver, you might be exploring how to pay for your loved one’s in-home care. You might have asked, “Does Medicare cover in-home care?” There are many cases in which Medicare provides partial coverage of care provided at home for a short period. This article breaks down the circumstances in which Medicare will cover those expenses. We’ll also explain what to look for so that you don’t get hit with unexpected costs in cases where Medicare won’t cover certain things.Read More

Helping woman put shoes on.

How to Help a Loved One Get Dressed

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon May 15 2023

Getting dressed is something many of us take for granted; throwing on an outfit is second nature. But for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility, changing clothes can be a time-consuming and potentially risky challenge.Read More

Man looking at tablet.

Caregiving 101: How to Create a Caregiving Budget

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue May 16 2023

Providing care for a loved one is a selfless task, but it’s also costly. A national survey conducted by AARP found the annual cost of caregiving was $7,242, with family caregivers spending an average of 26% of their income on caregiving-related activities.Read More

Woman with tablet cheering.

Amazon Alexa for Family Caregivers - What to Know About Amazon's Alexa Together Service

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri May 12 2023

Up to 15% of family caregivers provide long-distance care. If you’re one of them, then you know how challenging long-distance caregiving can be. Fortunately, Amazon's Alexa Together caregiver service can make monitoring your loved one a little easier. Here's how: Read More