Healthcare worker holding woman's arm.

How Does A Skilled Nursing Facility Differ From A Nursing Home?

Posted by Nate Birt on Wed May 10 2023

As a caregiver, you want to make sure your loved one is receiving the best care possible. When deciding on a skilled nursing facility for your loved one, there is some important information to keep in mind to make an educated decision.Read More

How to Spot Mini Stroke Symptoms

How to Spot Mini Stroke Symptoms

Posted by Nate Birt on Fri May 05 2023

As a caregiver, you are always looking for ways to help your loved ones stay healthy. One way to do this is to pay attention to behavior that might seem unusual. In some cases, unexpected behavior might be an indication of mini-strokes in older loved ones.Read More

Woman and health worker laughing.

The Caregiver's Guide to Adult Daycare

Posted by Sophie Bebeau on Fri May 05 2023

As a caregiver, it's incredibly important to find the right balance of providing safe, effective care for your loved one without neglecting your own needs. Adult daycare is a great solution for caregivers who need to take time away from the duties of caregiving during the day, and it can also be an enjoyable, enriching time for your loved one. Read More

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Simple Checklist for Planning a Funeral

Posted by Sophie Bebeau on Thu May 04 2023

Planning a funeral after the death of a loved one is one of the most challenging things we might do in life. It can be emotionally draining to work through the details of funeral arrangements, costs, and paperwork in the weeks after a death. In addition, if you weren’t able to discuss end-of-life wishes with your loved one, it may be even more difficult to plan their funeral. However, with some guidance and information, you can tackle planning a funeral with as little stress as possible.Read More