Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult Diapers Review

Hayley Milne

Written by Hayley Milne on Tue Sep 26 2023.

Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult Diapers Review

The Tranquility All-Through-The-Night disposable brief and diaper is one of Tranquility's best-selling adult diapers. Designed for overnight wear, these soft disposable briefs work well for urinary or bowel incontinence. Tranquility guarantees their maximum absorbency with the ATN disposable briefs, with briefs holding up to 34 oz. of fluid (that's over 4 cups of fluid!). ATN Briefs help you focus less on leaks and more on getting a calm and restful night of sleep.

Hi. I'm Charlie, and these are tranquility all through the night adult diapers. For those caring for loved ones with heavy incontinence or mobility challenges, These adult diapers offer on night leak protection. The super absorbent core protects against leaks for a full eight hours. The unique high rise fit fully covers the belly and lower back extra security and confidence. Care giver friendly features like wear fastenable tabs and a wetness indicator make caregiving a little easier.

Highlights of the Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult Diapers

Customers love the Tranquility ATN because it allows for uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Knowing that each brief offers maximum levels of absorbency and has leak guards for extra protection, Tranquility ATN wearers express fewer worries knowing they have real life protection.

Offered in sizes X-Small to X-Large, the All-Through-The-Night briefs fit between an 18" waist up to a 64" waist.

After doing a deep dive on this product, here are some of our favorite features that sets these disposable briefs apart from the competition:

Feature 1: Refastenable Tabs

Typical incontinence briefs have tape tabs that allow for a customizable snug fit around the waist and legs. Most tapes stick and cannot be moved without tearing the brief. It gets stuck to the brief material and causes rips, which can often result in needing to replace and put on an entirely new diaper. This can be frustrating when you just want to readjust the tabs, or do a quick check inside the brief to see if it's time for a change.

Now, here's the magic with the Tranquility ATN tabs:

The Tranquility ATN has refastenable tabs, allowing for the closure and replacement of tabs without destroying the brief.

Didn't quite get the right placement of the tapes at first? No worries! Tranquility ATN tape tabs have a micro hook & lock system (similar to soft Velcro) that can be gently pulled apart and placed back together for a supremely comfortable fit around leg openings and waist, without any damage to the tape or brief.

The refastenable tape tabs also allow caregivers to check the brief and determine whether or not it's time for a change. Came back too early and it's not time for a change? No worries! Simply replace the refastenable tapes back together and the brief is still in perfect condition.

These tapes are a really unique feature that we adore! The tapes help wearers get the most out of every brief they purchase.

Feature 2: Kufguards® (i.e.; "Leg Cuffs")

Kufguards®, also known as leg elastics, channel fluids into the absorbency target zones, securing leaks and stool incontinence, to maintain your confidence. These inner leg cuffs guide urine to the core, even when you are laying down. Whether you sleep in one position or toss-and-turn all through the night, the inner leg cuffs help contain any messes so you stay protected and get a night of uninterrupted sleep (including urine and bowel incontinence too).

 Feature 3: Wetness Indicator

Each brief features two wetness indicators on the outside of the brief. The wetness indicator is two yellow lines down the center of the brief. When the brief is first put on, the wetness indicator is yellow, indicating that it is dry.

The wetness indicators turn the color blue when urine reaches them, indicating that it is time for a change.

This also allows for quicker checks without disturbing the wearer (just look for blue!), especially when it comes to sleeping all through the night.

Here’s a close-up of the wetness indicators in action:

Who Are the Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult Diapers Good for?

Tranquility All-Through-The-Night adult disposable briefs are best for individuals with medium-to-heavy incontinence who prefer an adult diaper with plastic backing. They are best known for helping those experiencing overnight incontinence, and especially individuals who have been waking up from wet sheets or skin irritation. The All Through The Night disposable brief, is meant to eliminate those challenges so wearers can live freely and have fewer worries.

That said, these atn adult diapers and disposable briefs are not just for overnight wear. They can also be used for extended daytime activity. If an individual with incontinence has a long road trip, or will be at an all-day event and on the move where extra protection is needed, the atn adult diapers ensures they stay dry.

What's even more impressive about these disposable briefs is their construction. The ATN disposable briefs' core is composed of super absorbent polymers that can hold up to 100x it's weight in fluid. Yes, literally 100x! The inner leg cuffs guide fluid to the core where the polymers quickly absorb. AND a plastic backing ensures no fluid leaks through the plastic backing part of the diaper, offering extra protection. The strong tape can be reapplied multiple times.

Caregiver Tip

When using an adult diaper with tabs, ensure a snug but comfortable fit by adjusting the tabs evenly on each side to prevent leaks and discomfort. Remember to check and change the diaper regularly to maintain the hygiene and prevent skin irritation.

How to Try Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult Diapers

Want to try a free sample of the ATN? You can get a free diaper sample by filling out a short survey on Tranquility’s website - here. Once you complete the survey, they will email you a code to redeem a FREE sample. From there, head back to the ATN adult diapers page and add your preferred size to the cart. If you enjoy your sample, come back to Carewell to sign up for a Tranquility ATN subscription so you always have them in stock, and save 5% on every future subscription order!

What Other Customers are Saying

Check out our round-up from other Carewell shoppers talking about their experience using Tranquility ATN disposable briefs:

Review #1

Hear it from a caregiver

The Tranquility Diapers with tabs are very easy to put on. The tab is easy to open which is especially nice for those with arthritis in their hands. I have found that the tabs on other diapers are difficult to open making the diaper difficult to put on. The diaper has a great liquid holding capacity. As a caregiver, I use this diaper along with an extra pad for overnight use. Ease of use, ease of mind! - Diana F.

Review #2

Hear it from a caregiver

Very comfortable and absorbent, tabs hold very well and stays in place even after tossing and turning all night long. Probably the best made poly backer with tabs on the market. Highly recommend buying them even if your not sleeping in them. - Dajs


We're here to answer some FAQs about Tranquility, the ATN, and adult disposable briefs or pull ups in general.

What Size Am I?

Not sure what size to get in the All-Through-The-Night brief? Take a peek at the size chart image below to determine what size you are (ranging from X-Small to X-Large).

You will need to take a tape measure to measure (in inches) the widest part of your body between the waist and the hip. Everyone is shaped differently, so some may have a larger hip size, whereas others may have a larger waist size. Use the larger size to determine your product size.

X-Small starts at an 18" waist or hip, and X-Large goes up to a 64" waist or hip.

Why Tranquility?

There are a lot of brands out there, but here's why we love Tranquility:

Tranquility Products is a family-owned business who has been making adult diapers for over 60 years. All products are made and manufactured in the USA from their Ohio-based facilities. They are best known for their products that offer remarkable absorbency -- Tranquility offers maximum absorbency with their briefs, pull-ups, and pads.

We also love that they GUARANTEE the products will absorb and contain their stated fluid capacity; this includes while you're sleeping, sitting or on-the-go. When they test their products, they apply pressure. How much pressure? A LOT! Enough to mimic the pressure of bodyweight. Rest assured there won't be leakage when you sit down or lay down.

They also have diaper options for overnight use and daytime, which means 24/7 protection without worry of leakage. For those who aren't looking for an adult diaper, Tranquility also offers pads and liners that individuals can wear inside regular underwear (Note: these are made for a small amount or incontinence, so lighter leakage).

Learn more about Tranquility and their unique differences via their website at the link below.

Where are Tranquility diapers made?

Tranquility diapers offer a comprehensive line of high-quality supplies, ranging from children diapers to adult diapers and briefs. They are manufactured by Principle Business Enterprises in Northwest Ohio.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Backing?

It really comes down to personal preference. The ATN diaper has a plastic backing which provides wearers an added sense of security.

ATN Disposable Briefs: Do they Really Last All Through The Night?

Yes! The amount of urine an average person with incontinence voids overnight can vary widely depending on factors such as age, gender, underlying medical conditions, and fluid intake. However, the average adult releases 8-12 oz (1-1.5 cups) when they “go.” The Tranquility ATN has maximum absorbency and can withhold up to 34 ounces of fluid! That's nearly 4 full voids!

The briefs offer protection for both urinary and bowel incontinence as they channel fluids to the core.

It's important to note that incontinence can be highly variable among individuals, and some may have higher or lower output during the night. Additionally, severity and type of incontinence (stress, urge, overflow, etc.) can impact the amount.

Need Help?

Our Caregiving Specialists are happy to help you find the right incontinence product. They can make personalized product recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs. Call (800) 696-CARE or send an email to

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