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Long-Distance Caregiving Tips

5 Long-Distance Caregiving Tips for When You Live Miles Apart from Your Loved One

Long-distance caregiving is becoming increasingly common. A 2006 survey conducted by the National Council on Aging found that between 5-7 million Americans provided long-distance care. That same study predicted that the number of long-distance caregivers would double to between 10-14 million by late 2020.  The number of long-distance caregivers may be even greater now due... See the caregiving tips

Handmade Gifts Grandparents Actually Want

Handmade Gifts Grandparents Actually Want

Sure, you can go online, and with a few clicks, a gift will be on its way to your loved one, and you can cross that off your checklist. But when’s the last time you took the time to make a handmade gift?  There’s no doubt that you have a busy schedule, but making a... read more

Bariatric Care Tips for Caregivers

Bariatric Care Tips for Caregivers

Providing bariatric care presents unique challenges. People who are obese have special needs and are more likely to experience mobility issues and weight-related health problems like pressure sores and incontinence.  If you care for a loved one who’s overweight, it’s normal to wonder what you can do to improve their quality of life. To help... read more

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Humor Therapy

What did the mayonnaise say when someone opened the refrigerator door? Close that! I’m dressing. We’ve all heard the warnings about negative emotions: Stress can sap your immune system. Anger can lead to heart trouble. Depression can slow your recovery from illness. But how often do you hear the flip side of the story? Research... read more

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