Drinks That Promote Healthy Digestion

Lauren Caggiano

Written by Lauren Caggiano on Wed Nov 16 2022.

Drinks That Promote Healthy Digestion

Diet, lifestyle, health conditions, and other factors can affect our digestive system in ways that can affect our quality of life. As we age, our digestion process can slow down which can lead to everything from bloat and discomfort to constipation. The good news is that certain drinks can help promote healthy digestion.

Here are some drinks you or your loved one might try to get your digestion back on track:


Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated promotes healthy digestion and enhances muscle function. When your body has enough water, it can process nutrients faster, making the bowels more efficient. 

Just how much water is enough? Aiming for 8-9 cups of water a day is ideal for healthy people. However, caffeine consumption and certain medications can affect these recommendations. You or your care recipient’s doctor can advise you as to how much water you should be drinking to support individual needs.

Lemon Water

Lemon water before meals may help promote and improve overall digestion. Studies show that the citric acid found in lemons can increase the secretions in your stomach that help breaks down and digests food. Lemon juice is also chockful of the nutrient vitamin C, which also helps curb indigestion. Vitamin C also helps soften stool and make the final part of the digestive process a little easier.  

It’s also easy to integrate this practice into your everyday routine. Simply warm a glass of water and add about a teaspoon of lemon juice to it and drink it before meals to keep things moving. If you or your loved one have GERD or acid reflux, speak with a doctor before introducing this to your daily routine.


There’s a reason coffee is so popular around the world and it’s not only because of its stimulating effect on the brain. The body can also respond well to it. That’s because the soluble fibers in the drink can stimulate the muscles in the digestive system. These soluble fibers maintain the balance of your gut bacteria. Coffee is also a friend to the GI tract, as it boosts the contraction and relaxation of intestinal muscles that accelerate bowel movements.

The good news is that a little can go a long way in promoting healthy digestion. A cup or two is enough to see results — but don’t overdo it.  Consuming too much caffeine can result in dehydration, which counteracts the benefits of drinking it in the first place.

Peppermint or Ginger Tea

Herbal teas, like ginger or mint, have a ton of digestive benefits. is a go-to plant for constipation, a favorite of herbalists. Ginger helps stimulate digestive contractions and helps your stomach empty itself, which can aid with cramping, nausea, bloating, and indigestion.

Peppermint tea is also a winner because its components help in relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract, making bowel movements smoother. One cup a day of either tea is recommended. You can even add lemon and/or honey for additional flavor and health benefits. Here’s to your health!

A Few Final Thoughts on Hydration 

While these drinks can help improve digestion and even promote regular bowel movements, they may also play a role in keeping more serious illnesses at bay. Experts say hydration status can be an indicator of one’s overall health. 

“So many health issues are related to inadequate hydration,”  Janet Mentes, professor of nursing at UCLA explained in a press release. “The most closely linked are urinary tract infections. Many seniors are underhydrated for a period of time, and when they are exposed to a virus or bacteria they are more likely to develop an infection, such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, or other respiratory diseases. And they will be treated for the infection, but the underlying underhydration will not be recognized. Thus, an opportunity to educate the individual about adequate fluid intake is missed.”

The bottom line? Eating a balanced diet, getting enough water, and staying active are all important to maintaining health and vitality.

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Lauren Caggiano
Lauren Caggiano

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