20 Caregivers Share How They Celebrate Holidays With Their Loved Ones

Brianna Maguire

Written by Brianna Maguire on Tue Nov 08 2022.

20 Caregivers Share How They Celebrate Holidays With Their Loved Ones

The holidays are a special time of year when we get to spend more time with the ones we love and celebrate what we have. For caregivers, the holidays also means finding ways to enjoy their time with their loved one - even if they’re managing certain conditions or have challenges with mobility.

We recently asked our Caregiving Community to share how they spend time with their loved ones during the holiday season. The answers were heartwarming, full of love, and a testament to the giant hearts caregivers have. 

1. “In addition to big group gatherings, we make a point for smaller gatherings so mom can actually talk with individuals. She sits on the sidelines if the group is large (5 or more).”

2. “Try doing as many activities as possible in the room they are bed ridden in so they feel included.”

3. “Eat together!”

4. “We enjoy dinner out together or attending a church service together.”

5. “Look at old pictures, watch movies, and reminisce.”

6. “I'm the ten years older spouse that has the medical problems. But I, like many wives, do the planning and work for holidays. I cook; he keeps me company. I try to get decorations up, but if it's difficult then he does it. I suggest phone calls and he can arrange video calls. He gets everything into the room so I can wrap. But, all in all, he's happy about it.”

7. “Spending time together. My 82 year old Dad still lives independently but I stop over every other day to bring him groceries (or beer) to break the monotony.”

8. “Watch movies, and laugh at holidays past!”

9. “We like to give gag gifts.”

10. “Putting decorations around her bed.”

11. “Eating what we want and when want!”

12. “Singing Christmas carols together.”

13. “Just being together is lots of fun!”

14. “We always have a pile of wrapped gifts, even if they are just necessities.”

15. “We share family stories with grandchildren.”

16. “Visiting her so she knows I love her and she isn’t forgotten.”

17. “Decorating a tree in their area.”

18. “We give [the person I’m caring for] a gift. He’ll be unable to remember getting it, but he’ll enjoy it for the moment.”

19. “We like to help them pick out gifts for everyone.”

20. “Just being together. Mom sleeps but I hold her hand.”

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Brianna Maguire
Brianna Maguire

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