16 Caregivers Share How You Can Help Them

Brianna Maguire

Written by Brianna Maguire on Tue Nov 08 2022.

16 Caregivers Share How You Can Help Them

Caregivers are our unsung heroes. Seventy-five percent of us will become caregivers in our lifetime, and caregivers are the backbone of many of our families, communities, and societies. So why aren’t more people helping caregivers? Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

We recently asked our Caregiving Community to share what would help them most. The answers are so simple and easy that they’ll have you picking up the phone to call the caregiver in your life. 

1. “So often people come to see the person being cared for, and often rush in and rush away without any real conversation with the caregiver(s). Sometimes I would like to think or talk about something else, with someone who comes to visit. Sometimes I just wanted someone to talk with us, see us, see me.

2. “Treat your caregiver to something special, just the two of you. A lunch out, a mani-pedi, etc. Make sure they know how valuable they are and that they are appreciated!

3. “Plan ahead with caregivers and adapt to their needed time table.

4. “Just call to talk. Caregiving can be very isolating.

5. “Truly just checking up on us…a phone call, email etc to know you are thinking about us!

6. “Just come around once in a while. As a caregiver of my nephew for the last 22 years. I have no help at all, I never go outside my yard, I never see another human that can talk, but twice a month when my daughter goes to the grocery store for me. Just coming around or calling once in a while would help more than you know.

7. “Listen when I need to rant.

8. “Spend time with the one needing care.

9. “Ask them how they’re feeling and offer to send them food to eat to make sure they’re fully energized to do the work before them.

10. “Visit mom in assisted living. No one visits her any more.

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11. “Stay in the house while he sleeps so I can shop or go to an appointment.

12. “Do some shopping for them.

13. “FaceTime-ing with out-of-state family brings so much joy.

14. “Just visit! Caregivers and their charges are often lonely, forgotten. Family and friends are busy with parties, cooking, work. Caregivers feel left out. Visit your elderly parents, autistic or handicapped family and their caregivers!

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15. “Write a real letter to a caretaker who isn't tech savvy.

16. “Go to THEM rather than expecting them to travel to you… Do a ‘Carry Out Dinner Party’ if they are too stressed to cook.

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Brianna Maguire
Brianna Maguire

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