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Wasa Rye Sourdough Crispbread 


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Short Description

  • Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Layer your favorite toppings on Wasa Crispbread for smart and satisfying snacks!
  • Enjoy as a great alternative to bread, crackers and other snacks.
  • Natural Ingredients Only.

About Wasa Rye Sourdough Crispbread

With 100 years of experience making delicious Wasa crackers and crispbreads, Wasa is the world's largest producer of crispbreads and has mastered the art of authentic crispbread. These crispbreads are crispy, airy and full of flavor. Savor this treat for only 30 calories per serving. Wasa Sourdough crispbread as a great alternative to bread and crackers. This crispbread is made with simple, all-natural ingredients—whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt for a deliciously wholesome taste and texture.

Key Benefits & Features

  • All-natural, fat-free (no saturated fat and 0g trans fat), cholesterol-free, and Kosher certified; Contains 8g of whole grain and 2g of fiber per serving.
  • These crispbreads are made with Non-GMO ingredients and are a great alternative to crackers.
  • Replace bread with crispbreads for a creative and wholesome breakfast or an open-faced sandwich at lunch.
  • Wasa Sourdough Crackers: Our Swedish roots are reflected in our quality; We carefully select and perfectly blend simple, all-natural ingredients to create WASA's signature "crunch" and great taste.