Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage, Nectar Thick Liquids 

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Short Description

  • Nectar thick liquids like the Thick & Easy is a delicious nutrition option for those that struggle with swallowing
  • Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage is ready to use - straight out of the bottle
  • Various flavors that range from 100 to 150 calories and zero cholesterol per serving

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About Sqwincher Zero:

Those with difficulty swallowing can enjoy a delicious, refreshing beverage with Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage, in Nectar Consistency. These mildly thick drinks are specially designed for those with certain kinds of dysphagia. Meeting the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiatives (IDDI) guidelines for Level 2 beverages, this is a “mildly thick” liquid, at a nectar consistency.

Normal liquids are tough for those with dysphagia to swallow, because the weaker throat muscles struggle to block liquids from entering airways, leading to a risk of aspiration. On the other hand, Thick & Easy travels more slowly down the throat, passing safely into the body.

Not only is this mildly thick drink designed for those with dysphagia - it’s also delicious! With flavors like apple juice, kiwi strawberry, cranberry juice and iced tea, these beverages provide a dignified and enjoyable way to get in some extra hydration!

Key Benefits of Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage:

  • Meets Level 2 Guidelines of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiatives, meaning this is “nectar” thick. If you aren’t sure which consistency is best for you, check with your doctor
  • Dignified drinking for those with dysphagia. Well-known favorites like Iced Tea and Apple Juice make it easy to enjoy your favorite beverages, even with dysphagia
  • Tasty flavors like apple juice, cranberry juice, iced tea, and kiwi strawberry make it easy to stay hydrated!
  • Loaded with Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system

Who Should Use These Nectar Thick Liquids?

Thick & Easy Thickened Beverage in Nectar Consistency is best for those:

  1. With dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing
  2. That meet the criteria for needed a Level 2 thickened beverage, or a nectar consistency
  3. Looking for extra hydration
  4. That want to add extra vitamin C

Nectar Thick Liquids Quick Facts

Consistency Nectar Consistency
Container Size 46 oz. Container
Container Type Bottle
Preparation Type Ready to Use
Serving Size 8 oz. Serving