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TENA Intimates Overnight Incontinence Pads, Maximum Absorbency

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Short Description

  • TENA intimates overnight pads feature a 100% breathable ProSkin™ technology to protect sensitive, intimate skin
  • Soft top layer and 3D technology quickly wick away fluid overnight and offer triple protection against wetness, odor and leaks
  • TENA overnight pads are also designed to help women with postpartum incontinence experience worry-free nights

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5.0 stars

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TENA Intimates™ Overnight Incontinence Pads with lie down protection and ProSkin™ Technology are now 100% breathable to help protect your sensitive, intimate skin. ProSkin™ Technology includes a soft top layer and exclusive 3D technology to quickly wick fluid away - helping to keep your skin protected. Designed for overnight use with triple protection against leaks, odor, and wetness. As opposed to period pads, these absorbent urine pads protect against heavy leaks to help keep you dry and protected day and night. Overnight bladder pads are also perfect for women experiencing postpartum incontinence. For worry free nights.

What are some Key Features of TENA Intimates Overnight Incontinence Pads?

  • TENA Intimates™ Overnight offers triple protection to help keep you free from leaks, odor, and moisture
  • ProSkin™ Technology includes a soft top layer and exclusive 3D technology to quickly wick liquid away to keep skin protected
  • Super absorbent core for continuous heavy bladder leakage, whether standing up or lying down
  • Worry free night designed for nighttime usage. Each pad is individually wrapped for discretion

Who Should Use These TENA overnight pads?

TENA overnight pads are ideal for:

  • Those that use lighter bladder pads throughout the day but need something heavier for at night
  • Those that experience heavy bladder incontinence at night and want to protect skin, clothes, and furniture
  • Those that prefer a pad style to a pull-up
  • Those that want more breathability
Absorbency Overnight
Absorbent Core Material Dry-Fast Core™
Backsheet Color White
Backsheet Material Cloth-Like Backsheet
Incontinence Type Urine
Pad Length 16 Inches
Gender Female
Size One Size Fits Most
Topsheet Color White
Topsheet Material Quick-Dry Topsheet
Usage Disposable
User Adult
Latex-free indicator Not made with natural rubber latex