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PolyMem Max Foam Non-Adhesive Pad Wound Dressing, Sterile, 8 X 8" 


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The Polymem MAX Wound Care Dressing's configuration has a thicker polymer formulation for wounds with heavier drainage, or when longer wear time is desired. Appropriate for use as a combined primary and secondary dressing, or as a secondary dressing.

  • Contains a mild, non-toxic wound-cleansing agent (F-68 surfactant) that is activated by moisture and gradually released into the wound bed.
  • Encourages wound comfort and health by keeping the dressing from adhering to the wound bed, thus providing comfort at the wound site.
  • The polyurethane membrane matrix wicks away up to ten times its weight in exudate. It will not fragment and leaves no residue in the wound bed.
  • The super-absorbent, starch, co-polymer in QuadraFoam® absorbs and binds the water molecules from the wound fluid, allowing the natural growth factors and nutrients to concentrate in the wound bed.
  • Provides both a liquid barrier and gas exchange.