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Poise Ultra Thin Pads, Maximum 





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Short Description

  • Poise Ultra Thin Maximum Absorbency Pads are made 50% thinner for easy-to-wear and never bulky protection.
  • Is designed to work without bunching in the middle or twisting with movement.
  • Contains quick-dry core to give you Poise 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort, and odor control all day.
  • This design flexes with your body and is specially designed for women to keep up with your every move.

Customer Reviews


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5.0 stars

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Poise pads and liners are designed to keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day, despite light bladder leakage (LBL) or menstruation. LBL is normal, and especially common for women. Poise pads and liners are designed with female curves in mind, and shapes to your body in a way that is comfortable and prevents bunching. They provide up to 12 hours of protection and stay 10 times drier than the leading Always pad. Poise Ultra Thin Maximum Absorbency Pads are great pads used by women for daily Light Bladder Leakage or menstruation, and offer maximum absorbency in a thin pad form to keep you comfortable, yet protected. These ultra thin pads offer a Quick-dry core that quickly locks away wetness and odor. This pad is ultra protective and ultra thin featuring a discreet and non-bulky design.

Key Benefits and Features

  • These pads are incredibly thin, comfortable, and discreet while still offering maximum protection to keep you confident.
  • Offers the Poise 3-in-1 protection for worry-free odor control, dryness, and comfort.
  • This design is 50% thinner and flexes with your body to keep up with your every move.
  • The Quick-dry core quickly locks away wetness and odor to keep you nice and dry.

Who Should Be Using This Product?

  • Women who struggle with Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) or those menstruating and require a maximum absorbency, yet thin pad.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

  • Use sticky side down on the underwear liner, and change as needed. Do not use for longer than 12 hours.