Pillow Paws Non-Slip Slipper Socks, Youth


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Reduces Risk of Slips and Falls

  • Pillow Paws footwear incorporates a slip-resistant tread, which may be applied to both sides of the slipper for total coverage to maximize slip resistance. Pillow Paws products, which can be worn in bed, are especially valuable for nighttime use, when patients or residents may be walking during late night hours with little supervision. Color coding of slippers can help identify at-risk patients.

Provides Hygienic Protection

  • Concerns about microbial contamination are reduced, and individually packaged slippers provide a feeling of greater protection.

Increases Comfort

  • Those challenged by troublesome foot disorders can find just the right size and style of Pillow Paws slippers to give their feet welcome relief.
  • The Pillow Paws brand offers the broadest selection available. Please examine our complete line of high-quality disposable footwear to find the product(s) which best meet your needs.
Color Light Blue
Material Terry Cloth
Shoe Size 8 to 4-1/2
Size Small
Sole Type Skid-resistant Sole
Style Ankle High
Usage Disposable
User Child/Youth