MEDIHONEY Calcium Alginate Dressing Rope, 3/4 Inch, Sterile

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Our Story

“Family is at the heart of what we do”

CEO Bianca and COO Jonathan pictured standing with grandmother and family dog.

Our story began in 2015, when our co-founder and CEO Bianca helped her mom care for her grandmother.

Bianca was shocked there was no “What to Expect” guide like there is for new parents, so she and her husband/co-founder Jonathan dedicated their lives to creating a solution for family caregivers just like you.


  • Medihoney is a medical-grade honey derived from the pollen and nectar of the Leptospermum species of plant in New Zealand and Australia: It maintains its effectiveness even in the presence of wound fluid
  • Cleanses and debrides due to high osmolarity
  • Helps to lower the wound pH, for an optimal wound healing environment
  • Can be used for wound bed preparation and through all phases of wound healing
  • As wound fluid enters the dressing, the honey is released while the dressing absorbs and forms a gel
  • Demonstrated efficacy from onset of a wound through to closure
  • Nonadhesive
  • Single use only
  • Sterile