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iHealth Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor 



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Short Description

  • iHealth Ease Wireless blood pressure monitor for the measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressures and pulse rate of an adult individual.
  • Includes: Blood pressure dock, cuff, owner’s manual, charging cable.
  • Dimensions: 4.53" x 4.53" x 2.62" and weighing 8.47 oz.
  • Cuff circumference: 11.8" to 16.5" with Cuff pressure range: 0 to 295mmHg

About iHealth Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

iHealth Ease Wireless blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic arm cuff wireless blood pressure monitor that uses the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate. Works with your mobile device and iHealth MyVitals app to measure, track and share vital blood pressure data. Measurements are stored and charted with past readings to give you a clear overview of your blood pressure trends at a quickview. iHealth MyVitals app also detects irregular heartbeats and stores unlimited users and readings. This blood pressure monitor has a pulse rate range of 40 to 180 beats per min, and a cuff circumference of 11.8” to 16.5.” Easy to use, simply place your compatible device on the monitor, apply the home blood pressure cuff, and measure instantly using the free mobile iHealth MyVitals app. Track your trends over time, and share results right from your touchscreen.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully automatic, wireless arm cuff blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Cuff circumference: 11.8" to 16.5" allows for cuff pressure range of 0 to 295mmHg.
  • Pulse rate range: 40 to180 beats/min.
  • Power: DC: 5V2A.
  • Battery: 3.7Vli-ion 2200mAH.

*Contraindications: People with serious arrhythmia.

Who Should Be Using This Product?

As more health visits go viral, taking blood pressure at home becomes necessary. Whether you track your readings per your healthcare provider’s recommendations to see if your medication is working, or if you just want to monitor for your own health, some individuals who may benefit using a blood pressure monitor at home are:

  • individuals taking high blood pressure medication
  • Patients with other pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes
  • People who have borderline or high readings during doctor visits
  • Pregnant women developing hypertension due to pregnancy

Who should NOT use blood pressure cuffs?

People with serious arrhythmia should consult their physician.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

Carefully read instructions included with this product before using.

  • First Install batteries. Times and dates will automatically be uploaded with Bluetooth connection.
  • Join/connect the armband to the monitor
  • Install the iHealth MyVitals app on your smartphone
  • Launch the app by registering an account or logging in
  • Take measurement by wrapping the cuff on the upper arm, resting, and then press the start/stop button.
  • See your color coded measurements on the display screen
  • Sync, view, and share measurements via the app

For best practice taking blood pressure readings:

  • Take readings during the same time each day– Levels are generally lower in the morning
  • Don’t exercise, smoke, or drink caffeine for about an hour before taking a reading
  • Rest for 5 - 10 minutes before taking a reading and keep still
  • Sit comfortably with your back straight, legs uncrossed, and feet flat
  • Rest your arm on a table and keep blood pressure cuff at heart level
  • Further tips provided in manual

iHealth app allows you to do the following:

  • Take notes and record your mood or activity with each measurement.
  • Store results in a digital logbook.
Brand iHealth
Product Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
Model BP3L
Power DC: 5V2A
Accuracy Range +/- 3mm Hg