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HealthSmart No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat 



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Short Description

  • This HealthSmart bath tub mat provides cushioned comfort for sitting or standing
  • No-Skid, slip-resistant suction cups anchor the mat to the tub or shower surface
  • Constructed of white vinyl which resists dirt, mildew, fading and peeling
  • Drain holes to prevent water build up.

About HealthSmart No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat:

HealthSmart’s No-Skid Cushioned Bath Mat size is 15 3/4" x 41" and features slip-resistant suction cups which anchor the mat to a clean, smooth bathroom or shower surface. Cushioned comfort for standing or sitting, this no-skid bath tub mat could lower the risk of accidents on slippery when wet surfaces.

Key Benefits & Features

  • HealthSmart No-Skid Cushioned bath mat could reduce fall risks in the bathtub or shower
  • Features slip-resistant suction cups which anchor the mat to a clean surface
  • This 15 3/4" x 41" bath tub mat is made of vinyl resists dirt, mildew, fading and peeling

Who Should Be Using This Product?

Those at risk of slipping or falling in the shower and need a cushioned, no skid surface.

How Do You Use Or Apply This Product?

First, clean the surface area using a residue free household cleaner. Fill the tub with a quarter inch of water and then place the mat in the center, suction cup side down. Firmly press each suction cup with your hands to ensure it’s anchored. As with any suction cup product, test its adherence to the tub each time you use it. The mat works on smooth tub surfaces. It may not adhere well to tubs with non-slip surfaces.

Brand HealthSmart
Product Type Bath Mat
Dimensions 16 x 40
Material Vinyl
Color Light Blue
Weight 2.16 lbs.
Latex Indicator Latex Free