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Short Description

  • Dr Scholl’s Bunion Cushions includes DURAGEL technology.
  • Provides all-day bunion pain relief by protecting bunions from shoe friction and pressure.
  • Stays on all day and night.
  • Reduces pressure to ease pain.
  • Clinically proven.

Our Story

“Family is at the heart of what we do”

CEO Bianca and COO Jonathan pictured standing with grandmother and family dog.

Our story began in 2015, when our co-founder and CEO Bianca helped her mom care for her grandmother.

Bianca was shocked there was no “What to Expect” guide like there is for new parents, so she and her husband/co-founder Jonathan dedicated their lives to creating a solution for family caregivers just like you.

About Dr.Scholl's Bunion Cushions:

Dr. Scholl’s Bunion Cushions use DURAGEL technology to deliver all day bunion pain relief. Bunion cushions help to protect the bunions from shoe friction and shoe pressure. Bunions can cause discomfort and pain due to pressure and friction, which is why Dr. Scholl’s Bunion Cushions are so helpful to help relieve bunion pain. A bunion is a painful enlargement cause by swelling of the big toe joint. Heredity, poorly fitting shoes, and abnormal motion of the feet are some major causes of bunions. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain due to a bunion, simply remove the backing film marked “Step 1” and place on your bunion, remove the backing film marked “Step 2”, remove blue tab, and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin, and replace when the strip has loosened.

  • Helps to protect bunions from uncomfortable friction and pressure.
  • Designed for all day and all night comfort.
  • Bunion cushions pad the area and help painful shoe pressure and friction.
  • Offers discreet cushioning.

Who Should Be Using This Product?

Those who have bunions and would like to cushion them from shoe pressure or friction.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

Carefully read instructions included with this product before using.

  • Remove backing film marked “Step 1” and place center (adhesive side down) over bunion.
  • Remove backing film marked “Step 2”, remove blue tab and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin.
  • Replace when strip begins to loosen.

Warning: If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your doctor or podiatrist prior to using.

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