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About Cryostim Probes

The Cryostim Probes by Pelton Shepherd use ice massage therapy to treat a variety of maladies from toothaches to back pain. The ice probes can be used to massage trigger points throughout any part of the body. Included with the probes is a conductive gel that improves the rate and intensity of the cold therapy. The gel also prevents the ice massage from irritating the skin. To use the Cryostim Probes, simply place them in the freezer for four hours prior to treatment. The ice massage therapy will bring lasting relief to the affected area. It can help to reduce inflammation and swelling in addition to reducing pain.
Cryostim Probes Features and Benefits

  • Ice probes provide cold therapy pain relief
  • Ice massage treats trigger points and relieves pain
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • Ready for use after four hours in the freezer
  • Retains temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Comes with a conductive gel that improves cold conductivity
  • The conductive gel prevents irritation
  • Components: 2 probes, 1-ounce tube of gel