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Comfort Bath Shampoo Cap 


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4.5 stars

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Enjoy clean, fresh, soft and smooth hair without the use of water or rinsing. No need for a traditional shower just to clean your hair, and provides a no mess solution to unclean hair. This formula is great for those who struggle to shower or need extra care assistance. This formula is no mess and self-contained, while cleaning and softening hair. Eliminates the need for running water or sloppy rinsettes. Effectively removes EEG gel, blood, iodine, and more to leave hair clean and fresh. Simply warm the cap in a commercial-grade microwave or warmer and apply the warm cap for a self-contained, mess-eliminating, no-cleanup solution. Gently massage the cap into your hair as you would regular shampoo, and lightly towel-dry your hair and follow with conditioner if desired. This formula is a latex-free product, and contains USP purified water.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Latex-free product and contains USP purified water.
  • Is a no-rinse shampooing solution to dirty or unkept hair, so no need for a traditional shower to shampoo your hair or messy rinsettes.
  • Convenient for nurses or caregivers who are looking to help clean their patients’ hair without the mess.
  • This formula is ready to use for all hair types.
  • Powder Scent

Who Should Be Using This Product?

  • Patients or those requiring caregiving and struggle to wash their hair.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

  • Heat up the cap in a microwave or warmer and then apply to the head for a no-mess and self-contained hair cleaning solution.