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CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash 





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Short Description

  • CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash is odor-free while leaving skin clean and refreshed.
  • This no-rinse body wash contains no alcohol, so it doesn’t dry out the skin.
  • Rinse-free; no water required.  
  • CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash is concentrated, so one bottle can provide up to 16 baths.

Customer Reviews


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5.0 stars

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About CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash

Anytime there is a need or desire to be clean when lack of facilities, physical limitations and/or discomfort prevent traditional bathing, CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash is a great alternative. It is the go-to no-rinse cleanser for hospitals across the country. Patients and caregivers alike love CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash for its easy use – no water-rinsing is necessary. Those sensitive to fragrance will appreciate that this product leaves skin feeling clean and revived while being odor-free and its concentrated formula provides up to 16 full-body baths in each bottle. CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash is even gentle enough to be used as a perineal cleanser.  

Key Benefits & Features

  • Gentle enough to be used every day.
  • No alcohol and non-drying.
  • Up to 16 no-rinse baths per bottle.
  • Odor-free.

Who should be using this product?

The CleanLife No Rinse Body Wash is ideal for anyone who is unable to bathe in a bathtub or shower and for patients who need a bed bath.

How do you use or apply this product?

To use: Pour four capfuls of the no-rinse body wash into a bowl. Then, fill the bowl with warm water, creating a slightly sudsy solution. Submerge a washcloth into the liquid, then ring out excess. Bathe either yourself or the patient, by gently massaging the cloth along areas that need to be cleaned.

Active Ingredients Water / Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate
Container Type Bottle
Form Liquid
Color Clear
Scent Scented