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Attends Supersorb Advanced Underpads, Heavy


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Protect your home and furniture from incontinence with Attends Supersorb Advanced Underpads! Great for beds, wheelchairs, couches, kitchen chairs, or anything else you might need to protect, these underpads lock in wetness and keep furniture dry. These feature an absorbent core that pulls moisture from the topsheet so it feels dry against skin. Ultra-breathable, this underpad maximizes the benefit of low-air-flow-mattress therapy and has been clinically proven to reduce Stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcers. Keep your environment healthy and lean with this underpad’s odor-blocking properties and air-permeable design. Whether you need a bed cover, wheelchair protection, or anything in between, this underpads keep you dry and comfortable.

Key Benefits
  • Dry-Lock layer absorbs liquid into the core, leaving the topsheet dry and soft against skin
  • Soft topsheet feels gentle and comfortable against skin, promoting maximum comfort
  • Pulp-filled core absorbs moisture, keeping skin and furniture dry
  • Breathable backsheet let’s skin breathe while letting vapors from incontinence pass through
  • Low-air-flow mattress compatible because of it’s innovative, breathable design
  • Reposition loved ones up to 300 pounds
  • Clinically proven to reduce Stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcers
  • Manufactured in USA

Who Should Use These

Attends Supersorb Advanced Underpads are ideal for:

  • Tending to wounds
  • Changing a loved one’s incontinence product
  • Changing enteral feeding tubes
  • As an extra safeguard for those who wear pads, diapers with tabs, or protective underwear
Absorbency Heavy Absorbency
Absorbent Core Material Pulp Filled
Latex-free Indicator Not made with natural rubber latex
Backsheet Material Breathable Backing
Topsheet Material Cloth-Like Topsheet
Usage Disposable