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Attends Dry Wipes

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4.5 stars

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Attends Dry Wipes are disposable wipes that provide superior strength and hygienic care. Highly absorbent air-laid non-woven fabric absorbs 8-10 times its own weight. Cloth-like feel is gentle on skin and reduces irritation. Sanitary alternative to non-disposable cloths.

  • Highly absorbent cloth-like fabric absorbs 8-10 times its own weight
  • Cloth-like feel is gentle on skin and reduces irritation
  • Sanitary alternative to non-disposable cloths 
  • Superior strength and softness
  • Nonabrasive
  • Ideal for bathing and applying creams and lotions
  • Sanitary-perforated packaging
  • Manufactured in USA
Color White
Dimensions 10 X 13 Inch
Material NonWoven Airlaid Material
Usage Disposable