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Ameda DuoShell Breast Shells 



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Short Description

  • BPA free, DEHP free.
  • Reusable.
  • Easily cleaned.

About Ameda DuoShell Breast Shells

The Ameda DuoShell BreastShells protect sore or sensitive nipples from clothing pressure and friction, and may also be used to help draw out flat or inverted nipples. Make the breast pumping process as natural as possible. With the DuoShell Breastshell, trick your body into working with you. Provide protection from nipple pain or trauma related to breastfeeding. Long life breast shells can be rinsed and reused. Designed for women experiencing nipple discomfort due to breastfeeding. Helps protect sensitive breast tissue. Safe and non-toxic for both mother and baby.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Aerated shells and ventilated backs allow for air circulation and holes can be positioned on top to prevent milk leakage.
  • Protects sore or cracked nipples.
  • Come with two backs built to help draw out flat or inverted nipples for easier pumping.
  • Provide a comfortable fit.

What's included? - (2) Small Back Breast Shell - (2) Large Back Breast Shell - (2) Front Breast Shell - Instructions For Use