Best Way to Choose Overnight
Diapers for Adults with Tabs

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Nov 13th 2020

Overnight adult diapers with tabs are an ideal solution for anyone who experiences incontinence throughout the night, and is looking for a way to stay dry and comfortable. Enjoy peace of mind and less nighttime changes - meaning more sleep for you. Designed with extra absorbency and security, these diapers for adults allow you and your loved ones to sleep happy.

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What are overnight diapers with tabs?

Overnight diapers with tabs are a fully supportive diaper that wraps around the belly, rear and crotch area to provide protection from incontinence. Featuring a thick, absorbent core and two stretchy side tabs, these are similar to the style of a baby diaper. Unlike traditional tab-styles, overnight diapers have a thicker core and are more absorbent.

Who should use overnight diapers?

Overnight tab-style diapers are ideal for those:

  • With a caregiver that’s changing them
  • With low-mobility, such as those that are bedbound
  • With heavy incontinence, that need more absorbency
  • That need maximum absorbency especially at night, even if they’re wearing a lighter diaper or pull-ups in the daytime
  • Those who need a bariatric size

Who shouldn't use these products?

Overnight diapers with tabs are probably not a good fit if you:

  • Are seeking light or moderate incontinence protection - look for a pull-up style
  • Are very active, and need a more flexible product
  • Are looking for something more discreet

How do tab diapers work?

Overnight tab-style diapers absorb liquid through a thick core that contains polymers (tiny beads that soak up and trap liquid).

How to put overnight briefs on yourself

  • Attach the tabs to the sides of the brief before you put it on, creating the shape of underwear
  • Step into the brief one leg at a time, then slide it up your body
  • Pull each of the tabs more tightly against your body, so the fit is secure

How to put overnight briefs on someone else

  • Lay them on their side
  • Pull the brief from front to back, between the legs
  • Fan out the rear end of the brief so that it covers the buttocks
  • Roll the wearer onto their back, then lift the front panel up over the belly
  • If the diaper has two tabs on each side, fix the bottom tab of each side snugly to the wearer
  • Create a pleat (or a fold) in the band of the brief of one side, then fix the tap over the pleat, angled downwards
  • Repeat the above step for the other side
  • If the diaper has one tab on each side, pull the stretchy sides across the hips and fasten snugly to the front of the diaper

What features exist?

Refastenable tabs

Some tab-style diapers have refastenable tabs instead of tabs that you can only stick once. This means you can fasten and unfasten the side panels as many times as you need to get the fit just right, without worrying about the tabs losing their stickiness.

Sturdiness of tabs

When choosing your overnight tab-style diapers, look for “strong tabs” or “sturdy tabs.” The stronger the tab, the less likely they are to rip. Plus, stronger, stretchier tabs are typically more comfortable.

Stretchy sides

Some overnight diapers feature stretchy tabs that provide a more secure, comfortable fit.

Amount of tabs

Some overnight diapers with tabs have one tab on each side, and some have two on each side. These are just about your own preference, but typically, extra tabs are sturdier, while fewer tabs make it easier to put the diaper on.

Leg gathers

Some bariatric diapers will have “leg gathers,” also called “leg guards.” These are pieces of fabric that run along the leg holes in diapers and catch leaks before they can spill out.

Odor control

Some overnight diapers with tabs have polymers that are pH balanced to eliminate odors.

High-rise fits

A few of our overnight diapers feature a “high-rise fit,” meaning they go up higher on the back and belly than traditional diapers. These are great for larger users or those that want to feel more secure.

Backing material

Diapers with tabs can either be plastic-backed or cloth-backed.

  • Cloth-backed diapers are quiet and more breathable. If you’re wearing an overnight through the day so you have an extra boost of absorbency, you can be sure that these won’t make crinkling sounds. Since they’re more breathable, they’re also better for your skin.
  • Plastic-backed diapers are often thought to be more absorbent, but the plastic actually traps in harmful vapor from incontinence that can be damaging to the skin. They’re also typically a little less comfortable.

Wetness indicators

All of our tab-style diapers have “wetness indicators” so you always know when it’s time for a change. That way, you don’t have to worry about over-filling (and causing leaks) or under-filling (and wasting a diaper). While each diaper is unique, the wetness indicator always changes color once the liquid has filled the core.

How do I choose an overnight diaper with tabs?

  1. Consider the features from the list above that are important to you. If you’re caring for someone else, it’s good to ask them what they’ve used before and what they did or didn’t like about it
  2. Decide what kind of absorbency you need. Consider the strength of the user’s voids - do they dribble a little or have full accidents? Do they need protection against bowel incontinence?
  3. Measure your waist and hips, and decide what waist size you’re looking for (all our overnight diapers with tabs come with sizing charts in the product description, so you get the fit just right
  4. Still not sure? Call our Care Team at 855-855-1666 for more help.

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Brittany's pro-tips

  • If you’re leaking, it’s probably an issue with fit. We recommend taking your exact measurements (waist and hip), then using the higher of those two numbers when picking a size. When in doubt, give us a call!
  • Try not to wear pads, pull-ups, or diapers with tabs on top of existing overnight diapers (with the exception of booster pads). This can actually cause leaks, because the incontinence can’t leak through to the absorbent diaper. Instead, look for a higher absorbency or add a booster pad

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