Enteral Feeding Formulas

Enteral Feeding Formulas are nutritional liquids that are administered through enteral feeding tubes. They support an entire diet complete with vitamins and protein.

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About Enteral Feeding Formulas

Food and nutrition are the key to a healthy, sustained life. When your loved one isn’t able to eat on their own, enteral feeding allows you to keep them happy and healthy. Enteral feeding is required when your loved ones can’t eat or have very high caloric requirements that would be difficult to meet with food alone. Whether your loved one is facing a short-term hospital stay or needs sustained long term support, our enteral feeding supplies keep your loved ones feeling well and full of life.

What is enteral feeding?

Enteral feeding refers to the process of receiving nutrition through a tube, rather than by eating food. There are all sorts of tubes, and they can start and end in various places. A tube can start in the nose, mouth, or abdomen, and end in the stomach or intestines, depending on your loved one’s unique needs. Note that you should never attempt enteral feeding without a doctor’s support and guidance.

How do I care for my enteral feeding tube?

If you’re transitioning from a medical facility to home, learning to care for your tubes can be a little overwhelming at first. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your loved one’s tubes stay clean and maintained. Keep in mind that you should:

  • Care for the site of the tube by using warm, soapy water, including the skin and bolster (the device that keeps the tube in place).

  • Store formula in a cool, dry place

  • To fix a clogged tube, massage the tube to dislodge the clog, then flush with warm water

  • Clean equipment by rinsing under warm water or applying a damp cloth. Our towels and washcloths provide a quick, convenient, and disposable solution to traditional rags.

My loved one isn’t getting the nutrition they need, but doesn’t need an enteral feeding tube just yet

Many people, especially as they age or if they’re ill, require additional nutritional support. That’s why we offer nutritional products so you and your loved ones can feel happy, energetic, and healthy, even if they can’t eat traditional meals.

For loved ones with dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, we recommend nutritious drinks and shakes, as well as our delicious and convenient purées. Still enjoy meals and just looking for a little extra nutritional support? Our vitamins and supplements provide everything you need to age and live well.

Want to learn more? Check out our enteral feeding formulas guide or give us a call at 1-855-855-1666. Our friendly customer Care Team is always happy to answer any questions.