Disposable Underpads

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About Disposable Underpads

Protect your furniture from incontinence with disposable underpads! Also called chux, disposable underpads are large, rectangular pads outfitted with super absorbent polymers in between two layers of waterproof plastic. Place them on chairs, wheelchairs, beds, car seats, or any other surface you’d like to keep dry. Disposable underpads can also be used to gently reposition a loved one -- they can hold up to 300 pounds of weight without tearing. Some caregivers even used them as a mat while changing a loved one's pull-updiaper with tabs, or pad

Have peace of mind with convenient, disposable underpads.

Who would benefit from disposable underpads?

If you’re caring for a loved one that’s experiencing nighttime leakage or refuses to wear a pad, pull-up, or tab-style diaper, you may want to purchase underpads to protect your furniture. Disposable underpads are quick and easy way to protect against incontinence, even from pets! Many Carewell users purchase underpads to use as potty pads indoors. Since they’re disposable, you can just toss the underpads out after each use, meaning less cleaning for you.

Why are there different sizes of underpads? Which should I pick?

To decide which underpad works best for you, you’ll want to think about two things: the size of the person (or pup!) that’s incontinent, and the size of the furniture you’d like to protect. A large person on a bed, for example, should use a large disposable underpad. On the other hand, a smaller person looking to protect a wheelchair would likely be fine with a small size. If you aren’t sure, each underpad listing comes with exact measurements that you can compare to the furniture or seat area you’d like to protect.

I need to know more

If you still have questions about disposable underpads or any other products Carewell offers, our Care Team are product experts here to provide guidance and support. Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666 and we’d be happy to help.

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