Disposable Underpads

About Disposable Underpads

Disposable underpads are soft, absorbent, large pads that are placed on surfaces to protect from moisture. The plastic has absorbent polymers inside that provide a barrier against all types of moisture, which helps to protect skin breakdown. Disposable underpads, aka “chux”, offer a convenient, protective solution in almost any situation. They come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to meet different needs.

Disposable underpads help keep surfaces clean and dry, as well as helping to reduce odors. These underpads:

  • Are great for catching urine and bowel voids during adult diaper changes.
  • Provide covering over a chair, wheelchair, or the passenger seat of a car to protect surfaces against leakage.
  • Add overnight incontinence protection when placed under the fitted sheet in your loved one’s bed.
  • Clean up messes caused by wound drainage during dressing changes. Placed under the wound, these underpads catch any drainage and prevent it from spreading. They can also be used to absorb any blood that may leak from the wound.
  • Provide a layer of protection between the tube and your loved one’s skin during enteral feeding tube or ostomy bag changes.


When putting these pads on a bed or piece of furniture, which side goes up? The white or (peach/blue) colored side?

The white absorbent side is up. The colored side is against the surface you are wanting to protect

What are underpads used for?

Underpads, also called “chux” or “bed pads,” are absorbent pads used to protect furniture. These can be placed on a bed, wheelchair, or any other surface and have an absorbent core that locks away moisture and a waterproof plastic-backing that prevents liquid from passing through. Underpads are great for additional incontinence protection, wound care needs, or changing enteral feeding or ostomy supplies.

What is the difference between a "polymer core" and a "fluff core"?

An underpad with a “polymer core” will have tiny absorbent beads that soak up moisture and turn them to a gel (keeping the top dry). Only disposable underpads have polymer core options. An underpad with a “fluff core” will have a fluff material in the core that absorbs liquid. Fluff tends to be less absorbent than polymer, but is a great (and more affordable) option for those with very light absorbency needs. Both reusable and disposable underpads have “fluff” options.

Can I fold or cut my underpad to make it more fitted to my needs?

We do not recommend that underpads be folded or cut. Since the top side of an underpad is absorbent, and the bottom is waterproof, folding these products tends to lead to leaks (the topsheet cannot absorb properly, and the backing cannot prevent liquid from passing through). Cutting an underpad tends to spill out the polymers or fluff that make it absorbent, degrading the quality of the product.

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