Odor Control Dressings

About Odor Control

Caring for loved ones can be messy, and when you’re dealing with odors in your home or healthcare facility, our odor control products are here to stop bad smells in their tracks. Eliminate odors and better enjoy time spent with loved ones with our effective, convenient odor control solutions!

I have asthma or breathing problems but I need an effective air freshener

Finding an effective odor control solution can be tricky if you have a sensitive nose. That’s why we offer air fresheners that are tough on odors, but gentle on your respiration. With soft, mild scents that don’t overpower the room, our sprays eliminate odor just like magic.

Need a gentle scented solution for body odor? Our deodorants and antiperspirants eliminate odors without irritating you or your loved ones.

How do I manage foot odor?

Getting rid of existing food odor can be as simple as spritzing the room with one of our air fresheners, however if you’re looking to prevent future odor, consider our foot care products. Washes and creams will eliminate the germs that promote foot odor, so you and your loved ones never have to worry about smelly feet again.

How can I control odor from incontinence?

Incontinence odors can be pervasive, but our odor control products dissolve odors like magic. To prevent future odors, make sure you’re using incontinence products that support odor control. If your loved one is experiencing leaks, you may want to try a higher absorbency product like a diaper with tabs, or even just a different size. Need a better solution for keeping your loved ones clean and odor-free? Our hygienic wipes and body washes keep skin healthy and smelling fresh.

I need more guidance

Dealing with odor problems and need some more guidance about how to handle them? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!