Non-Slip Socks & Slippers

About Non-Slip Socks & Slippers

If you are concerned about your loved one slipping on hardwood floors or tile surfaces, we carry non-slip socks that provide extra traction and grip to help prevent falls. These non-skid socks can also help to keep feet warm and dry.

Features caregivers love:

  • To help accommodate loved ones with edema or large ankles, non-skid ankle slippers have larger openings
  • Both non-skid socks and non-skid ankle slippers are color coded by size
  • In addition to preventing falls (especially at night time), non-slip socks are soft and comfortable


What are nonslip socks called?

Nonslip socks are often called “gripper socks” and are designed to prevent slipping. They bottoms are usually made from a material with a high friction coefficient, such as rubber or latex.

Do socks prevent falls?

Socks with grippers and non-skid dots help to prevent falls better than regular socks.

How do I clean slipper socks?

Slipper Socks are machine washable, but you can hand wash these socks if you choose. To hand wash your slipper socks:

  1. Turn the socks inside out, allowing for proper cleaning of the inner lining.
  2. Use gentle soap (or a gentle shampoo if handwashing)
  3. Rinse
  4. Remove excess water
  5. Dry

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