Best Way to Choose Baby and

Youth Incontinence Products

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Jan 16th 2020

Our baby and youth incontinence products come in all shapes and sizes - that way no matter how big or little your child is, they’ll be protected. Whether you need a full coverage diaper or training pants, our products are here to keep your children safe, dry, and comfortable.

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What are baby and youth incontinence products?

Baby and youth incontinence products are pull-ups and diapers designed to keep your loved ones dry and protected from incontinence.

There are two kinds of products for babies and children:

  • Pull-up underwear

Youth pull-ups look and feel like real underwear, sliding up the legs and hugging the body. They have an absorbent core and a stretchy waistband.

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  • Diapers with tabs

Baby and youth diapers wrap around the belly, rear and crotch area to protect against urine and bowel movements. They feature an absorbent core, soft front and back panels, and side panels that stretch across the hip and fasten to the front.

Learn more about baby and youth diapers with tabs.

Who should use baby and youth diapers and pull-ups?

Baby and youth diapers and pull-ups are ideal for:

  • Newborns and babies
  • Little ones that are still potty training
  • Immobile children
  • Children and teenagers with developmental disorders that cause incontinence
  • Small adults looking for a snug fit
  • Children that wet the bed

Who shouldn't use these products?

These products are not ideal for:

  • Adults
  • Those with waist sizes larger than 36 inches
  • Those that weigh more than 125 pounds

How do they work?

Both pull-ups and diapers hold polymers in the core, absorbent beads that soak up moisture and turn it into gel.

To put pull-ups on: Just slide the pull-up on the leg one at a time, then pull it up the body.

To put diapers on:

  • Rest your loved one on their side.
  • Fold the diaper lengthwise and pass it between the legs, front to back.
  • Spread the back of the diaper out over the buttocks
  • Roll your loved one onto their back
  • Lift the front panel over the body
  • Fasten the side panels over the front of the diaper
  • Make any adjustments so that the diaper is in place, with the backsheet turned outward

What features exist?

Odor guards

Some pull-ups and diapers have odor guarding technology, which minimizes the ammonia in urine.

Refastenable straps

Diapers (with tabs) sometimes come with straps that you can stick and unstick, until you get the perfect fit.

Leg gathers

“Leg gathers” are strips of fabric that run around the leg holes of pull-ups or diapers and keep incontinence locked inside.

Wetness indicators

Many pull-ups and diapers have fabric that changes color once the diaper has reached capacity - that way, caregivers always know when it’s time for a change.

Amount of tabs

Tab-style diapers can have either two tabs or four. Two tabs are easier to put on, while four tabs are a little more secure.

Sturdiness of tabs

Diapers with tabs will sometimes have “sturdy tabs,” meaning they’re less likely to rip.

Backing material

  • Cloth-like backing is soft, comfortable, and safe on skin. Since cloth doesn’t make noise, they’re also more discreet.
  • Plastic backing tends to trap in harmful vapors from incontinence, leading to skin damage and breakdown.

Juvenile prints

Some baby and youth diapers and pull-ups come with youthful prints, like cartoons characters.

Umbilical cord notch

Our newborn diapers may feature an umbilical cord notch, so that babies with their umbilical cord will be more comfortable.

Back / front indicators

Pull-ups have markings that indicate which side is the back, making them perfect for children that are potty training and need a little extra help.

Hypoallergenic fabrics

Many pull-ups and diapers are hypoallergenic, and some even come with skin smart ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E.

How do I choose?

  1. First decide whether you need a pull-up or diapers with tabs.
  2. Figure out which features are the most important to you. For a newborn baby, you may want an umbilical cord notch and hypoallergenic materials. For a child or teenager, however, odor guards and refastenable straps might be more important.
  3. Decide what absorbency you’re looking for.
  4. Determine the right size for your loved one. For babies and small children, this is typically based on weight. For older children or teenagers, you may need to take waist and hip measurements.
  5. Still not sure? Call us at 855-855-1666 and we’ll be happy to help.

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Our customers love baby and youth products from brands like CutiesComfees, and Abena.

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For children and teenagers, we recommend:

Abena Abri-Form Junior Diapers with Tabs, XS2

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Sleepovers Youth Underwear Pull-Ups

Ideal for little ones that are potty training, wetting the bed, or just need a little extra support, these keep your loved ones dry and comfortable.

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Brittany's pro-tips

Some diapers, like the Cuties brand, have sizes from newborn all the way to 45 pounds, making them a great choice for loved ones that will need long-term incontinence support - that way, you won’t need to transition them into a new product when they outgrow an old size.

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