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Traveling With Mobility Issues. Top Tips

Posted by Declan Davey on Wed Jul 28 2021

Many people take being able to travel for granted — whether it’s to a new country or just to get out of the house. But if you’re managing a mobility issue, it can be tricky to navigate, even with the support of a caregiver.Read More

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Adaptive Apparel Buying Guide

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Wed Jun 14 2023

The right adaptive clothing can greatly improve a caregiver's life by increasing comfort, enhancing independence, and boosting the quality of life for their loved ones. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to choose the ideal adaptive apparel, giving you the ability to select products that promote self-dressing and make daily routines easier for both the caregiver and the person receiving care.Read More

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Bathroom Grab Bars: Achieving the Best Height

Posted by Nate Birt on Wed May 10 2023

If your loved one needs help getting around the house, the bathroom can be a cause for concern. Installing grab bars to avoid falls is an important preventive step to take as you make the home safer. Many people forget to consider what the optimal height of the grab bars should be for their loved ones to ensure their safety. Read More

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Best Walker for Older Adults

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu May 04 2023

As we age, injuries or conditions can limit our mobility which is why it isn’t uncommon for older adults to use walkers to get around. With so many options available, how do you choose the best walker? Read More