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Anica, her mother, and her daughter.

Caregiver Spotlight April 2024: Anica L.

Posted by Carewell Team on Fri Apr 12 2024

Meet Anica L, our Caregiver Spotlight winner for April. Anica is a solo mother by choice, raising her young daughter while also acting as the primary caregiver for her mother Barbara who has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. On top of that, Anica also works full-time as a family therapist. Between work, parenting, and caregiving, there’s rarely room for much else in her life. Yet Anica considers caregiving an empowering, and deeply meaningful experience that’s created a new and unexpected connection with her mother. But that’s not to say that there haven’t been incredible hardships along the way. Read More

Woman helping another woman with shoes.

Tips For Straightening Toes

Posted by Lauren Caggiano on Tue Jun 20 2023

Human feet are impressive when you consider how much they do for us. Think about how they support you and help you get around. Feet work through a combination of muscles, tendons, and nerves that let us participate in everyday activities. When everything is working properly, we can move freely without pain or discomfort. Read More

Parent Caregiver Hero - Super Mom Anna K.

Parent Caregiver Hero - Super Mom Anna K.

Posted by Lauren Caggiano on Fri Feb 17 2023

Anna K. is this year's Parent Caregiver Hero because of her unrelenting dedication to giving her son, Simon, the best life he can have, regardless of obstacles. Read More

Gen Z Caregiver Hero Award - His Mother’s Keeper Brandon F.

Gen Z Caregiver Hero Award - His Mother’s Keeper Brandon F.

Posted by Sophie Bebeau on Fri Feb 17 2023

At only 19, Brandon became his mother's full-time caregiver when her symptoms of frontal temporal dementia progressed. Due to his tireless commitment to caring for his mom and supporting his sister through college, Brandon was awarded the title of Gen Z Caregiver Hero. Read More