12 Fun Fall Activities for Caregivers and their Loved Ones

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Oct 13 2021
Fall is finally here and with it, cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice everything. As a caregiver, your to-do list is long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!Read More

Incontinence After Menopause

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Oct 12 2021
Though not widely known, urinary incontinence is often a symptom of menopause. Researchers estimate more than 50% of postmenopausal women experience the condition, yet few seek treatment due to feelings of shame or embarrassment.Read More

Checklist for Traveling with Urinary Incontinence

Posted by Declan Davey on Tue Feb 02 2021
Traveling with urinary incontinence — let’s talk about it. In this article, you’ll find guidance on how to plan, pack, and travel well despite those nuisance leaks and urges.Read More

Carewell’s Essential Checklist for Urinary Incontinence Care

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Aug 26 2021
Urinary incontinence affects more than 25 million Americans. To help, we created a free checklist download for urinary incontinence care.Read More

Carewell's Essential Checklist for Bowel Incontinence Care

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Sep 07 2021
Bowel incontinence affects about 1 in 3 adults, yet many people who suffer from the condition fail to seek treatment due to fear or stigma.Read More

The ABCs of Medicare: Who's Covered? What's Covered? What's Not?

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Wed Dec 02 2020
When you’re caregiving, you have enough to do without trying to navigate the complexities of insurance, so we put together a simple overview of what’s covered, what’s not, and who can take advantage of Medicare’s most common offerings. Read More

Picture of a door in a white hallway.

What to Know About Alzheimer’s Wandering

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Jun 24 2021
Alzheimer’s wandering is a common but dangerous side effect of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Researchers estimate it affects 6 in 10 people with the disorder, causing them to become confused and disoriented. Read More

Conversations That Matter: Tips For Discussing Incontinence with an Elderly Loved One

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Jan 08 2021
If the person you care for regularly experiences accidents, it’s important to take action. Though it might seem daunting, with a little bit of planning you can handle the discussion with empathy and compassion. To ensure a receptive audience and the best possible outcome, take the time to prepare in advance with these five simple steps. Read More

Introducing The Family Caregiver of the Year Third Place Winner: Robert W.

Posted by Carewell Staff on Thu Mar 11 2021
As we continue to celebrate and honor the winners of The Family Caregiver of the Year Awards, we wanted to turn the spotlight to our third place winner, Robert W. Read More

Introducing The Family Caregiver of the Year Winner: Patti H

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Tue Mar 02 2021
After a year of unprecedented demand on caregivers, we introduced the Family Caregiver of the Year Awards not only to uplift caregivers and amplify their stories, but to provide monetary rewards to a group that sacrifices their own well-being and finances to provide the best quality of life to their families. Read More

2021 Family Caregiver of the Year Awards

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Wed Jan 13 2021
The Family Caregiver of the Year Awards aim to recognize the day-to-day challenges this work brings and financially reward caregivers who go above and beyond to provide for their care recipients. Read More

Our Family Caregiver of the Year Awards Results are In!

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Tue Feb 23 2021
We are thrilled to announce the winners of our first-ever Family Caregiver of the Year Awards, which recognizes unpaid family caregivers in the United States who exhibit exceptional diligence and support through the act of caregiving. Read More

5 Long-Distance Caregiving Tips for When You Live Miles Apart from Your Loved One

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Apr 07 2021
If you’re unable to visit a loved one who needs assistance with doctor’s appointments, medication management, or day-to-day care, it’s normal to feel frustrated and even guilty. But there are still ways you can contribute, whether you’re located dozens of miles or even states away. Read More

Making Family Caregiving Easier in 2021's the Caring Village App

Posted by Declan Davey on Fri Jan 22 2021
In this Q&A session with Caring Village co-founder, Ron Novak, you’ll discover the features of a caregiver app that’s been built with one sole purpose in mind: to make family caregiving easier. Read More

How to Deal with Elderly Incontinence: A Practical 5-Step Guide

Posted by Declan Davey on Tue Dec 08 2020
Let’s be honest—discussing private physical issues can be embarrassing at times. As a society, we often feel squeamish at the prospect of having open discussions about incontinence. So let’s talk about how to deal with elderly incontinence. Read More

6 Products to Help With the Everyday Hurdles of Living With Parkinson's Disease

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Apr 21 2021
If you or someone you love is living with Parkinson’s Disease, you know that the emotional side of coping with the diagnosis alone is a challenge. Still, there are very real physical obstacles one must face while they come around to the acceptance and understanding of what living with this disease means. Read More


Life as a Caregiver | Theresa Wilbanks Story

Posted by Theresa Wilbanks on Mon Aug 23 2021
"I did not know that I was a caregiver. I was simply a dutiful daughter doing what I had seen my parents do for their parents."Read More

Incontinence After a Stroke

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Mar 04 2021
Incontinence presents unique challenges. Fortunately, stroke-related incontinence is relatively easy to manage and treat. A combination of healthy lifestyle changes, at-home exercises, medication, and regular doctor’s appointments can minimize accidents and improve your senior’s quality of life.Read More

The Weather Outside is Frightful: 6 Tips for Keeping Loved Ones Safe as the Temperatures Drop

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Dec 22 2020
The winter season is a time for hot chocolate, building snowmen, and celebrating the holidays, but it also presents unique hazards for seniors. Freezing temperatures, an uptick in indoor gatherings, and ice and snow increase the risk of hypothermia, the seasonal flu, as well as slip-and-fall injuries. So here are 6 tips for keeping loved ones safe as the temperature drops. Read More

Incontinence Management Tips for Warmer Weather

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Apr 07 2021
Many people spend the summer months traveling and getting outside, but these activities present unique challenges for those living with bladder or bowel issues. Seasonally appropriate attire like shorts, skirts, or bathing suits can make it challenging to hide adult diapers or pull-ups, while the need for increased hydration may increase the risk of accidents. Read More

A woman lies on a bed.

How to Prevent and Treat Bedsores: A Caregiver’s Guide

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Thu Jul 08 2021
Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are wounds that appear on the body as a result of inactivity for extended periods.Read More

Protective Bedding: Underpads vs Mattress Protectors vs Protective Sheets

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Aug 17 2021
It’s important to invest in protective bedding, but what’s the difference between underpads vs mattress protectors vs protective sheets?Read More

Bathroom Safety for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Sep 28 2021
Learning about bathroom safety for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia is vital since many people with advanced Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia require assistance with daily activities like bathing, brushing their teeth, or using the toilet.Read More

Quick Guide: Use Your FSA or HSA to Save Money on Carewell

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Tue Feb 09 2021
The healthcare industry is famous for tossing around terms, abbreviations, and acronyms that can be confusing. To help with this, we created a quick guide on the specifics of FSAs and HSAs. Read More

13 Things to Watch Out for When Caring for Someone with Limited Mobility

Posted by Declan Davey on Fri May 21 2021
Home is usually associated with being a place of comfort and security. But for those with mobility issues, or those caring for someone with limited mobility, it can become an obstacle course. To reduce the list of potential hazards and help people with limited mobility be more independent, there is a range of simple strategies and affordable products at hand. Read More

11 Best Cleansing Wipes Reviewed to Keep your Skin Soft, Healthy, and Clean

Posted by Declan Davey on Tue Apr 13 2021
Cleansing wipes can soothe irritated skin and help maintain personal hygiene with ease. But not all wipes are created equal, there are both scented and unscented wipes available. Some wipes are flushable, while others are not. And you can find options with lotion or softening ingredients, like aloe. But where can you find the best cleansing wipes for your needs? Here at Carewell, we carry reliable brands for adult wipes including Attends, TENA, and ProCare. Take a look at the different features here and shop from our curated list of the 11 best cleansing wipes. Read More

Blood Sugar: 7 Must-Have Items for Diabetes Care

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Sep 21 2021
According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 14.3 million Americans aged 65 and older have diabetes, a group of diseases that affect the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.Read More

Caregiver: What Does it Mean? Who is a Caregiver?

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Sep 20 2021
What makes someone a caregiver? Caring for others is something that all humans do. It feels good to do nice things for those we love, and research shows it can encourage personal growth and make life more meaningful.Read More

How to Talk to a Parent With Dementia: 14 Communication Strategies and Tips

Posted by Declan Davey on Thu Dec 24 2020
Whether your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, you may have found it challenging, at times, to understand what they truly want or need. Memory problems, speech impairments, and changes to the relationship dynamic can all have an impact… For this reason, we’ve brought together a list of ideas on how to talk to a parent with dementia, so that you can maintain the quality of communication with your parent as much as possible.Read More

Dementia and Bathing: 5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Loved One Clean

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Mon Oct 12 2020
If you’re caring for someone with dementia and struggle to bathe them, know that you aren’t alone. From “curious vision” to having a tough time seeing the water, all sorts of challenges can pop up when you’re trying to get your loved one clean. To help, we met with dementia care experts and put together a guide of our favorite tips.Read More

What are Perineal Cleansers?

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Aug 17 2021
Incontinence care requires more than routine changes, accident prevention, and emotional support. See how perineal cleansers can help!Read More

Incontinence After Cancer

Posted by Chad Birt on Thu Sep 02 2021
To help educate cancer patients and minimize incontinence-related stigma, we’ve developed a guide to managing incontinence after cancer.Read More

7 Apps Designed to Make Caregiving Easier

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Dec 16 2020

Healthy and Simple No-Bake Oatmeal Raspberry Cookie Recipe

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Apr 14 2021
Cook up a tasty treat sans heat with this no-bake raspberry oatmeal cookie recipe crafted by a registered dietitian.Read More

Bariatric Care Tips for Caregivers

Posted by Chad Birt on Tue Mar 30 2021
If you care for a loved one who’s overweight, it’s normal to wonder what you can do to improve their quality of life. To help make your job easier, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide that answers common questions, provides helpful insights, and highlights specific products from Tranquility®, a leader in high-performing bariatric products. Read More

Handmade Gifts Grandparents Actually Want

Posted by Carewell Staff on Tue Mar 30 2021
There’s no doubt that you have a busy schedule, but making a gift for a loved one is so rewarding. Grandparents are sure to cherish a gift that’s handmade by their kids, grandkids, or main caregiver. And you can spend quality time with your kids doing a fun craft project. Read More

Home Improvement: Upgrades and Home Renovations for Improved Senior Safety

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Feb 08 2021
Home renovations are an investment upfront, but in the grand scheme of things, these changes are often more affordable than long-term care at a nursing home or assisted living facility. In this blog, we’ll look at several senior-friendly upgrades. Read More

Living with Chronic Illness: 5 Values I Use to Navigate the Tough Times

Posted by Declan Davey on Wed Dec 02 2020
If you’ve been living with a chronic illness, then I’m sure you’ll know how it goes: Unpredictable, painful symptoms that come out of nowhere. Doctors’ appointments that leave you with more questions than answers. Feelings of frustration, isolation, weakness, and practically everything in between. Read More

Siblings walking on dirt road

All in the Family: Sibling Rivalry and Caregiving

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Wed Dec 02 2020
I’m an only child, so I’ve always known that when my fiercely independent mother needs care, the responsibility will fall squarely on my shoulders. I view this fact as both a blessing and a curse.Read More

Ask Jonathan: "How Do I Talk to My Mom About Her Finances?"

Posted by Jonathan Magolnick on Wed Oct 21 2020
Talking to your parents about finances is common challenge that many of Carewell’s members face with their aging parents. Asking about finances has always been a taboo topic. Plus, when you think of it from your mom’s perspective, your parents have probably always been the one to look out for you. Now, with the roles beginning to reverse, she may be reluctant to transition from caregiver to care recipient.Read More

Living with Dementia: 7 Ways to Make Mealtimes Easier

Posted by Carewell Staff on Wed Dec 02 2020

Clearing the Clutter: Tips On Downsizing for Seniors

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Jun 02 2021
Many older Americans choose to downsize and live in a smaller space. Sometimes it’s for medical reasons; other times it’s to cut down on expenses or live closer to loved ones.Read More

Images of three enteral feeding products

Enteral Feeding at Home

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Jul 26 2021
Caring for a loved one who’s unable to chew or swallow their food often requires enteral feeding at home. While administering meals and snacks through a feeding tube might seem daunting, with patience and practice, it’s possible, even if you don’t have a medical background. Read More

Caregiver and person in a wheelchair looking at the sunset.

How to Become a Caregiver for a Family Member

Posted by Chad Birt on Wed Aug 04 2021
Are you wondering how to become a caregiver for a family member? If so, you’re joining the ranks of more than 65.7 million Americans who serve their relatives. Read More

Map with a notebook, pencil and a camera on it.

Traveling With Mobility Issues. Top Tips

Posted by Declan Davey on Wed Jul 28 2021
Many people take being able to travel for granted — whether it’s to a new country or just to get out of the house. But if you’re managing a mobility issue, it can be tricky to navigate, even with the support of a caregiver.Read More

Nebulizer vs Inhaler. Explained!

Posted by Chad Birt on Fri Aug 13 2021
What is a nebulizer? We created the ultimate guide to help you understand the uses of nebulizers and inhalers—nebulizer vs inhaler explained!Read More

Older women on balcony leaning on railing

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Elder Fraud

Posted by Chad Birt on Mon Aug 09 2021
A 2020 analysis conducted by tech services provider Comparitech found that about 7.8 million cases of elder fraud occur in the United States each year, resulting in more than $140 billion in losses. In reality, those numbers are likely higher, as reporting from Adult Protective Services varies from state to state.Read More