Rebranding FAQ

Welcome to Carewell! We’ve made some changes to help YOU care well! We are guessing you may have a few questions for us and we have a few answers. But just in case we haven’t covered it here, feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.


Why did you change your name?

Your family is an extension of our family, so we designed a new look to make your caregiving experience as painless as possible. We’re the same company you’ve grown to love and we hope to be a friend in times of need – to help you Carewell. 

Are you still in Charlotte, NC?

Yes! Moving is hard work and we love our home base in Charlotte, NC.

What happens if I go to will direct you to We’ve worked hard to ensure that this transition is seamless, so you can easily find us. Plus, our phone number is the same: 855-855-1666. Note that our email will change to

What else has changed? 

We have a brand new website that will be easier to navigate. We have all the same products and are adding many more to make your lives easier as caregivers.

Customer Care

Has your leadership changed?

No. In fact, Jonathan and Bianca are still owners and Brittany and our entire Customer Care Team are all still here to help you. Of course, we’re always looking to grow our team with people who are passionate about helping others. You can visit our Careers page to learn more about how we select the best possible people, or see photos and names of our full team.

What hours can I call?

Our new name comes with some exciting new changes – we have expanded our Care Team hours so we can be there when you need it most. From now on, you can call anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM EDT. 

Have any policies changed?

No. Our policies will remain exactly the same, so you’ll continue to receive the exceptional service you’re used to. 

Website / Accounts

Will my account be the same on the new website?

All of your account information (order history, credit card information, and shipping address) will transfer to The website may look a little different, but everything will work the same way. 

Will I be able to find my order history?

Yes! You will be able to access your order history just like you have before. 

Do I have to update my credit card?

No! Your credit card information has been safely and securely transferred to our new website.


Do I need to update my address?

No! All of your account information is accessible on the new website. 

Will my autoship still be active?

Yes! If you have an existing autoship preference, it will operate as it always has. If you need to make any changes to your autoship, you can always visit your account page.

Do you carry the same products? will carry all the products you know and love, with the addition of hundreds of new products to make your lives easier, like household supplies, medical supplies, and more.

Will I still receive emails from Care.Club?

All future emails will come from Carewell, but don’t worry, the people, process, and products behind the scenes are still exactly the same. 

Pricing & Billing

Will your pricing change?

We work hard to ensure that our prices are as low as possible, so we’ll continue to adjust prices only if a brand or product we’re selling becomes more or less expensive.

How will this look on my credit card statement?

Instead of “Care.Club” appearing on your card statement, you can expect to see “Carewell.” Otherwise, all billing information will remain the same.

Shipping & Packages

Is there still free shipping on orders over $39?

Shipping is and always will be free for orders over $39! We’ll also continue to offer free shipping on all Prevail, Abena, and Tranquility brand products.

Will your shipping change?

Our 1-2 day shipping will remain the same, and your packages will look the same. Over 99% of orders are shipped in plain, discreet, unmarked cardboard boxes.