Choosing Underpads or Chux

Caring for a person who has incontinence often means changing soiled bed sheets. Using underpads makes it easier to keep beds clean, even when your client or loved one has nighttime incontinence.

What Are Underpads and How Do They Work?

Underpads are absorbent sheets that can prevent urinary or bowel incontinence from ruining mattresses. The disposable underpads contain the moisture in one place when accidents happen to make cleanup easy. A plastic lining prevents the moisture from soaking through to the bed sheets or mattress.

Many people refer to bed pads as "chux," the name of a company that once manufactured the incontinence items. The chux name became synonymous with all disposable underpads in the same way that Kleenex has become associated with all types of tissue.

Who Should Use Underpads?

Disposable chux are useful for people with nighttime incontinence. If you have a client or loved one has accidents throughout the night, then you can use bed pads to protect the mattress.

Disposable underpads are also useful for people who spend most of their time in bed because of mobility issues or illness. If the person cannot get out of bed to use the restroom, then it makes sense to provide an underpad that will absorb liquids.

What Types of Underpads Are Available?

Companies make a range of underpads to fit various bed sizes. When searching for different types of disposable chux, you will find measurements such as:

  • 23 x 36 inches
  • 30 x 30 inches
  • 30 x 36 inches

You can also purchase underpads with different absorbency rates. Popular designs include:

  • Super absorbent underpads
  • Air permeable underpads
  • Overnight absorbency

The type that you choose should depend on the kind of incontinence that your client or loved one has.

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