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About Masks, Gowns, Scrubs

Masks, gowns, and scrubs keep you clean, and your clothes protected. No matter if you’re in a skilled care facility, hospital, or caring for loved ones at home, our masks, gowns, and scrubs will make sure you’re outfitted for anything.

How do I choose the right patient gown?

Making sure that your loved ones and patients are comfortable is important both for you and for them. The right patient gown makes it easy to lift and move clothing out of the way when you’re changing bandages, incontinence products, or performing patient examinations. Breezy and soft, our patient gowns are designed both for your convenience, and your patients’ comfortability. Enjoy our wide range of colors, fabrics, and sizes, so you always have exactly what you need to keep your loved ones or patients happy.

Typically, gowns are unisex and sometimes even unisize, so the most important factors will be fabric and cost. Most of our gowns are both affordable and comfortable, but you can check out our product descriptions or give us a call if you need more specific guidance.

Why might I need a mask?

Many illness spread through the air, and medical masks block your nose and mouth to decrease the risk of you becoming ill. Since masks are air permeable, you can breathe easily while blocking illness. Masks are single-use, so you can conveniently toss them after each use, and never worry about cleaning! Whether you’re administering first aid or taking care of a loved one at home, a sterile mask can help both you and the one you’re caring for stay clean and healthy.

What other supplies can help protect myself or my loved one?

When you’re caring for a loved one and one or both of you is ill, it’s critical to maintain barriers, so that you can stay in tip-top shape and provide the best possible care. If you’re administering first aid, changing incontinence products, or anything in between, you’ll likely want to use gloves. We offer other medical supplies like everything you might need for wound care, and if you’re looking to keep objects (like overbed tables) clean and germ-free, our cleaning products are here to help!