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About Medical Supplies

Having the right medical supplies on hand is key to making sure your family is healthy, safe, and happy. Whether you need to stock up on masks and gowns, or you need urinary support in the form of a catheter, we’re here to support you. But we’re more than just exceptional products. Our expert Care Team is always here for you, so give us a call if you have any questions.

How do I manage my diabetes?

For those with diabetes, finding the right balance of treatment to symptoms management is critical. If this is your first time managing diabetes, you’ll need to stock up on diabetes supplies so you and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind. If you’ve never tested your blood glucose level, the process is fortunately relatively simple: just prick your finger with a lancet, spread the blood onto a test strip, and place the strip into the meter. In seconds, you’ll be able to monitor your levels.

What’s an ostomy bag or ostomy pouch?

Ostomy pouches surround stomas (or surgically created openings) to collect waste. While they may seem intimidating at first, maintaining an ostomy pouch can be simple. If your pouch is open-ended, you’ll need to pop open the end and drain the contents. Closed pouches, on the other hand, are single use and disposable.

What wound care supplies should I stock up on?

What wound care supplies your family should buy depends on your unique needs, but we recommend keeping some basics on hand. Wound paze, bandages, and a cleanser (like peroxide or betadine) are perfect first steps.

What’s a nebulizer? How do I use it?

If you or a loved one is dealing with asthma, asthma care products like a nebulizer could be the perfect solution for managing symptoms. A multi-part device for quick relief from asthma, nebulizers are common and simple to use. Just fill the medicine cup, attach the wires, and breathe deeply through the mask or mouthpiece.

What is enteral feeding?

Enteral feeding, or tube feeding, refers to the process of receiving nutrients through a tube, rather than by eating. If your loved one isn’t getting the nutrition they need by eating, enteral feeding might be just the solution you need.