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About Incontinence Pads

If you’re having occasional accidents, but you’re not ready for a tab-style diaper or pull-up, a pad is a perfect intermediary option. Form-fitting and absorbent, pads keep you discreet, dry, and leak-free. Whether you need a temporary solution after surgery or are looking for long-term bladder protection, our pads protect clothing, furniture, and save you from any leaks. Discreet and thin, pads are worn inside underwear for a boost of protection.

Are pads right for me?

If you’re looking for a light incontinence solution, pads are likely a good product for you. Their form-fitting shape can provide all-over protection or more targeted support if you have areas that tend to leak. If you’re experiencing heavier incontinence, you may want to consider a tab-style diaper or pull-up underwear.

Keep in mind that you should never use menstrual pads for urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is much quicker than menstruation, and menstrual pads cannot protect against this heavier flow. However, when you need menstruation protection, our line of feminine hygiene products is here to keep you feeling fresh and clean. 

How do I know which pad is right for me?

At Carewell, we offer many pads so that we always have products for your unique needs. Here are some tips about our pads:

  • Gender-specific pads like men’s guards or women’s pads are specially designed to fit snugly against anatomy. 

  • Booster pads offer an economical option for extending the life of your pull-up or diaper with tabs. Just place a booster pad inside an existing underpad for double the protection! Learn: What is a Topliner Booster Pad?

  • Belted pads can be worn inside underwear or alone, and feature a padded body with two straps that secure the pad to the waist. With the heavy absorbency of a pull-up and the easy removability of a pad, belted pads are perfect for traveling

  • Bowel pads offer a higher absorbency solution, and work best for anyone who struggles to wear incontinence products around their waist

  • Pant liners are very large pads, and are perfect for anyone that prefers a pad style but needs the absorbency and protection of a diaper

How can I keep my loved one’s skin safe?

Skincare is always a number one concern when you or a loved one is facing incontinence. That’s why we offer washes, skin-friendly wipes, and other skincare products to make sure your loved one is soft and healthy.

Have other questions? Our friendly Care Team is always here for you, so give us a ring at 855-855-1666.

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