Paper Towels

About Paper Towels

Looking for a quick and easy clean-up solution? Paper towels provide a convenient, single-use method for cleaning up all sorts of spills and messes. Save time by cleaning up, then tossing the towels in the trash and moving on. Absorbent and disposable, it’s no surprise that paper towels are a staple in many homes.

We offer both standard paper towel rolls and multi-fold packages, so whether you need to stock up your kitchen or a medical facility, we have the products you need.

How do I choose a paper towel?

First, unless you’re trying to supply a medical facility, restaurant, or any other place with a large paper towel holder, you’ll likely want to stick with standard rolls. Then you’ll want to look at two things: sheet size and sheets per roll. If you find yourself cleaning up larger messes, you’ll want to go with a larger sheet size. If your family tends to go through paper towels quickly, you’ll want paper towels with larger sheets per roll. At Carewell, we offer bulk sizes of paper towels so you can stock up and stop worrying about running out or going to the grocery store.

Looking for a more economical, environmentally friendly solution?

For many families, paper towels are the ideal solution for cleaning up messes. However, at Carewell we understand that some families are looking for reusable, environmentally friendly choices. That’s why we offer towels and washcloths. Just wash and reuse them again and again for a sustainable, affordable cleaning solution.

I need other cleaning supplies, too

At Carewell, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make your caregiving experience stress-free. That’s why our supply cleaning products includes all-purpose cleaners, tissues, even detergents. Don’t see a product you need? Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help.