Desitin is a Johnson and Johnson sister company, and for over 80 years they have been providing parents with the Original Desitin Diaper Rash Cream to soothe, cool, and protect your baby’s skin. Desitin, Aveeno, and Johnson’s brands are rooted in the mission to give every child the healthiest possible start to their lives. Desitin is committed to helping parents identify, treat, and prevent diaper rash to keep your baby comfortable and fresh all day long. Desitin products, including Desitin Daily Defense Cream, Desitin Maximum Strength Original Zinc Oxide Paste, and Desitin Multipurpose Ointment, are great products to help protect your baby from uncomfortable diaper rash. Desitin created a thick and creamy formula that contains a high percentage of zinc oxide to help treat and prevent diaper rash and keep your baby comfortable. Desitin not only works to provide parents with soothing and effective diaper rash ointment, they also strive to educate parents on diaper rash identification, treatment, and prevention.