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Tranquility TopLiner Contour Booster Pads

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Double the absorbency of your pull-up or diaper with tabs with Tranquility TopLiner Contour Booster Pads! Tired of your loved one leaking through their incontinence product? These booster pads easily fit inside of pull-ups and diapers to add an extra layer of security and protection. Comfortable and absorbent, booster pads are the perfect way to feel more confident and protected. They’re great for anyone that’s travelling, too. Even in an airplane bathroom, you can just slip the pad out and toss it, without having to take your clothes all the way off like you’d have to if you were just wearing a pull-up. 

Keep in mind that you should not wear booster pads alone. They’re designed to allow liquid to pass through the diaper once full, so they will leak if worn alone. If you’re looking for a stand-alone pad, browse our incontinence pads options. 

Key Benefits

  • Wide, hourglass shape can accommodate both urine and bowel incontinence

  • Peach Mat Core locks up moisture, so you or your loved one’s skin stays dry, odor-free, and bacteria-free

  • A perfect economical solution to extending the life of your pull-up or diaper

A booster pad should always be the same size or smaller than the product it’s going to be worn inside of, that way nothing leaks out of the leak guards. Always wear the pad in the core of the tab-style diaper or pull-up.

SizeRegular Super Plus
Pad Dimensions 21.5” x 13.5” (LxW) 32” x 14” (LxW)
Incontinence Type Urinary and Fecal Urinary and Fecal
Absorbency Capacity 13.6 fl oz (1.7 cups) 27.5 fl oz (3.4 cups)
Pack Quantity 12 Pads 12 Pads
Case Quantity 120 Pads (10 Packs) 96 Pads (8 Packs)
SKU 3096 3097



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