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Tranquility Adjustable Belted Undergarment

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Tranquility Adjustable Belted Undergarments are worn inside regular underwear or on their own. The Belted Pad comes in 1 size - One-size-fits-Most and will fit wait sizes 28'' - 58".

The Belted Undergarment has an absorbency capacity of 17.6 fl oz (2.2 cups). For reference, the average adult releases 8-12 fl ounces (1-1½ cups) when they “go”.

The super-absorbent polymers contained in the peach core provide extra absorbent capacity, excellent skin dryness, and odor reduction. These have a waterproof, cloth-like outer layer and a convenient easy adjustable self-gripping strap that fit waists 28” to 58”.


  • Belted Undergarment
  • Worn inside regular underwear or in place of one (no adhesive backing)
  • Holds 17.6 fl oz (2.2 cups)
  • Urine & Fecal Protection
  • Latex-Free
  • Made in the USA


  • Adjustable self-gripping straps fit waists 28 to 58 inches
  • Discreet appearance for normal and active lifestyle
  • Peach Mat Core keeps skin dry, reduces odor, and stops bacterial growth
  • Moisture-proof backing with a highly absorbent core
  • Wetness Indicator
SizeOne Size Fits Most
Waist/Hip 28” L x 8” W
Incontinence Type Urine and Fecal
Absorbency Capacity 17.6 fl oz. (2.2 cups)
Pack Quantity 30 Belted Undergarments
Case Quantity 120 Belted Undergarments (4 Packs)
SKU 2150



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